Sim Whatley, founder of Duck Camp, is on the podcast to share the story of how he created a great outdoor apparel company out of the Texas area.  Versatility and comfort across many different conditions is there sweet spot.

Sim walks us through the gear you need for your next salt water gear and what makes a good lightweight rain jacket good to go.  We find out why Sim is not a big fan of the sun glove for fly fishing and what he recommends for overall sun protection.


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fly fishing apparel

Fly Fishing Apparel Show Notes with Sim Whatley

07:00 – Uptown Angler was the first shop that helped Sim get started in fly fishing.

11:40 – I note Columbia PFG, Huk and how Duck Camp is different from some of the other outdoors apparel brands.

13:00 – Signature fishing shirt – Nylons better than polyester

14:00 – Drifter Pants and Scout Shorts are the solution vs doing the convertible pants/shorts.

fly fishing apparel


14:40 – Lightweight rain jackets plus head guide hoodie are two other goto items for fishing.


18:50 – Outdoor Retailer show is the biggest event each year and how Sim learned a lot about the product end of their business.

32:30 – I noted the fingerless wool gloves that I love from REI.

34:20 – The barn burner merino wool hoodie is a killer looking hoodie that keeps you comfy outdoors.


You can find Sim at

fly fishing apparel


Top Duck Camp Fly Fishing Apparel items for Saltwater

  1. Shorts
  2. Pants
  3. Bamboo hoodies x 2
  4. Plaid button up shirts x 2
  5. Hats x 2
  6. Lightweight rain jacket
  7. Signature Fishing shirt


Resources Noted in the Show

Duck Camp Video


Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

John Prine – That’s the Way


Sturgill Simson


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fly fishing apparel

Fly Fishing Apparel Conclusion with Sim Whatley

Sim Whatley from Duck Camp breaks down their line of outdoor products and how they are building their brand and providing unique innovative products for fishing and hunting.

Bamboo in the knit variety vs woven materials.  We find out why polyester isn’t the best material for the outdoors and why the Duck Camp signature shirt is great outdoors.