hang down


There’s no question, one of the best, and easiest, tips I could ever give you for hooking steelhead is called the Hang Down.  This is how it works – After you cast and swing your fly through the run, your fly will be “hanging down” below you.  Make sure to let the fly sit there for 3 or 5 seconds before you pick up for another cast.  Many times a steelhead will take your fly on the hang down.

These extra 3 seconds will add big time to the amount of steelhead you hook.  I’m not saying that you will catch as many as you will on the swing, but you will catch fish.  It’s worth the extra few seconds.

After you get a hook up, make sure to note the spot where the fish took because there will be another in that same spot tomorrow.

Any other questions for me?  Was this helpful?  Do you want to see more of these short little posts?  Click this link and let me know if you like this style.  So there you have it – The Tip of the Day – The Hang Down