Great Lakes Expert Pete Humphries does an amazing job breaking down the steps to spey casting and provides a bunch of tips.  In episode 007 of the Fly Fishing Podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Pete who covers spey casting, steelhead fly fishing and Great Lakes tributaries.

He covers Great Lakes steelhead fly fishing with a focus on Western Michigan and talks about many of the people who helps him become an expert.  If you are new to spey casting or struggling with your cast this is the perfect episode for you.


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Show Notes with Pete Humphries

4:35 – Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company

6:30 – Pete discusses some of his home rivers and notes the Muskegon River that is nearby.

7:15 – Feenstra Guide Service – This is the guide service that Pete works for and Kevin was one of the first swinging guides in Western Michigan.

Jerry Darkes is another Great Lakes fisherman who was a big part of the development of fly fishing for steelhead in the Great Lakes area.

8:20 – Rio Wind Cutter was one of the first lines Pete used when he first started swinging flies.

10:17 – Pete discusses his first steelhead on the fly noting that it was a fall back female.

12:38 – Andy Murray was a famous fisherman who worked for Hardy.

13:40 – Federation of Fly Fishers Casting Instruction

17:39 – Mel Krieger

21:05 – Rod and line for great lakes steelhead

22:20 – Pere Marquette River and switch rods


24:00 – How to fish off both shoulders effectively to avoid issues with the wind

28:20 – The importance of a slow circle C especially with sinking lines

40:20 – 4 Keys to a Spey Cast

41:15 – Train track analogy on the forward cast.

50:45 – Rio Scandi Versa Tip

56:14 – The Hang Down 10 – Just let your fly sit and hang a little longer than you think

58:20 – Rio Cleaning Pads

1:01:30 – Temple Dog Style Flies are Pete’s go to for steelhead.


You can reach Pete at Feenstra Guide Service if you have any questions or want to connect.

If you would like to get the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide that lists some of the best tips from my guests click on the button below:

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I wanted to give a big thanks to Pete for coming on the show, he over delivered on all of the great tips he offered.  Do you fish the great lakes or western Michigan?  Was this show helpful?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

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