open clinch knot

The open clinch knot has probably helped me hook more fish than any other knot.  Super simple to tie and strong, the open clinch knot does two big things – It gives your fly more action and keeps your fly from getting tangled up.

Click on the video below to see how the knot is easily tied.  The big trick is getting the open knot the right length.  You will want to have it no more than 1/2 the length of the hook shank.  You can even go down towards 1/4 the hook shank length with practice.

Click this link if having trouble opening the video.


Here’s another link that show how to tie the knot – Just scroll to the bottom of that post.  One tip on the size of the loop you make – the final loop should be less than half the width of the fly you are using so it doesn’t get hung up.

Since changing to the open clinch knot I have also increased the time my fly is on the water because I don’t have to check my fly for issues and tangles all the time – I know it’s always fishing great.

More time with your fly on the water means more fish.  You will still want to check your leader every once in a while for tangles and wind knots, but feel good not worrying about your knot.

Is it strong?, you may be thinking –  SUPER STRONG!


Take a look at the link above to see how to tie the open clinch knot.  Practice this week until you feel good about it.  Take a copy of the knot on the river in case you forget how to tie it.  Then start catching more fish.




    • Great to hear Ross. I think you will love it. Rember that the only hitch is the size of the loop. Make sure it’s not too big, otherwise the hook shank will get caught in the loop. Keep it small and you are good to go. I would love to see a fish pic if you get a chance this year.

    • Great question! I’m not sure what the tensile strength is but can tell you that I have never broken this knot over all of the years steelheading. And I have had some very hot and crazy fish on. I would trust this knot in any situation. Thanks for the comment.