We get into streamers and fly tying tips this week with our new bonus series – Fly Fishing Founders Stories.  This week I have Luke Ferrenburg on the podcast from Meat Market Flies.

We talk about tying streamers, lamprey patterns, steelhead flies and other great tips and tricks for fly tying.


Click below to listen to the Meat Market Flies Interview:


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Show Notes with Meat Market Flies

11:00 – The FurBurger Fly Pattern.  Here’s a video from Luke on tying the Furburger.

15:30 –  Jason Randall was on the podcast in episode 74 where we talked about writing books and the monetary piece of it.

22:30 – The Hobo Spey is their most popular fly pattern request.  Here’s a hobo spey video.

24:00 – The signature series flies can be found here.

24:45 – Kelly Galloup was on the podcast in episode 52 where he had a unique way of naming his patterns.

26:30 – Blane Chocklett can be found at his site here.

30:45 – GSP thread is Luke’s goto to assure your fly lasts.


33:00 – Whiting Farms saddles and Nature’s Spirits are Luke’s goto material resources.

34:30 – Jay Nicholas was on in episode 3 where we talked about steelhead and salmon fishing.

35:30 – The Fly Fish Food was on the show and you can find them on youtube here.

36:20 – Gunnar Brammer was noted as a good resource for fly tying.

49:00 – Here is a good classic rap video of Sugar Hill Gang.


You can reach Luke at MeatMarketFlies.com.


Videos Noted in the Show

Gunnar Brammer Video


The Sugar Hill Gang


Conclusion with Meat Market Flies

Luke with Meat Market Flies shared some great tips and a nice perspective on what it feels like building a new business in the fly fishing space.  He also shares some great tips on tying streamers and steelhead flies.