Steelhead and Salmon Fly Fishing is covered by Jay Nicholas in Episode 003 of the Fly Fishing Podcast.  Jay talked about steelhead fly fishing, fly tying and a bunch of other amazing fly fishing topics.

Jay clarifies the caveman connection and fly tying and talks about another recent book he has out which brings him to about 14 books?


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Here are a few highlights of the show:

  • Why you shouldn’t start fly fishing for salmon
  • Tips on finding steelhead
  • Understanding spey lines (and how to avoid destroying the economy)
  • Rio Fly Lines has a cool app that helps you select a new spey line to match your rod (click here)
  • How the non slip uni knot will increase your time in the water (Click Here for a short video)
  • Jay’s Top Flies for steelhead fishing (summer and winter)
  • Fly tying magic and our caveman connection
  • Tying Atlantic salmon flies
  • How to create your own original fly patterns

You can find Jay at FishingwithJay or at the  He also has a youtube channel and all of his books are on


Click Here if you’d rather watch the (Video) interview with Jay Nicholas:


One of Jay’s Intruder Patterns:


I really enjoyed this interview as I spent a good part of the day with Jay before and after the interview.  I met Jack at who brought a real conversation about some of the challenges with conservation and fly fishing.

Jay is a master at Fly fishing for west coast chinook salmon and fly tying a diverse array of flies.  He has over 100 fly tying videos at the Caddis Fly Shops blog and has a separate youtube channel of his own.

I’ll be tying some of Jay’s patterns in the months to come so stay tuned as we get further into the year.  You can see most of my videos by clicking here.


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