George Daniel, the Director of the Joe Humphreys Teaching Program at Penn State University and a former member of Fly Fishing Team USA, returns to the podcast with exciting updates. Currently teaching multiple sections at Penn State, George talks about his fly fishing clinics and provides detailed information about his popular book, Dynamic Nymphing. George reveals valuable tips for fishing pools using a euro nymph setup and highlights the advantages of using an ultra-thin monofilament system, and explains why he doesn’t include euro nymphing in his basic class

Prepare to be hooked by George’s fascinating stories and extensive expertise as he immerses you in the dynamic world of fly fishing!

Dynamic Nymphing with George Daniel. Hit play below!

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dynamic nymphing

Show Notes with George Daniel on Dynamic Nymphing

03:00 – George was on the podcast for the first time at WFS 055 where we mainly talked about his teaching philosophy, guiding, Joe Humphries, and a number of other great topics including fishing Musky.

03:50 – George now teaches full-time at Penn State University. He is now the Director of the Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Program. He teaches a total of 7 sections there with about 25 students in each section.

09:20 – George talks about how he teaches fly fishing clinics.

11:00 – We dig into one of the books he wrote, Dynamic Nymphing: Tactics, Techniques, and Flies from Around the World.

dynamic nymphing

13:20 – George states that “80% of the problems people have with euro nymphing is lack of line control”. He explains why.

17:05 – We talk about how he fishes pools with a euro nymph setup.

21:00 – George talks about how an ultra-thin monofilament system takes a lot of the guessing work out when hooking a fish.


22:30 – George describes how euro nymphing rods eliminated the need for tapered leaders.

27:20 – We talk about Joe Humphreys, who was already Czech nymphing before the Czech Republic was a country. He also noted Frank Sawyer, the guy who created Pheasant Tail Nymph and was fishing 12-foot cane poles back in the day.

dynamic nymphing

29:55 – George doesn’t teach Euro nymphing with his basic class because his students lose interest in dry fly and streamer fishing.

33:00 – We noted Joe Humphreys’s book on Trout Tactics where George learned his foundations in nymphing until he joined the US Fly Fishing Team.

34:00 – Lance Egan and Jeff Currier were already on the team when George joined.

36:20 – George tells the story of when he went to Northern Italy for a year and he was the Captain of the team.

37:45 – George talks about trail running every day for 10 years straight and only missing 3 days.

43:00 – George talks about how Devin Olsen has immensely evolved throughout the years.

dynamic nymphing
Photo by

43:44 – George talks about how his book, Dynamic Nymphing came to be with the help of Jay Nichols from Stackpole Books.

45:10 – George has a YouTube channel. Check out his videos here.

dynamic nymphing

46:10 – George also wrote 2 other books called, Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, & Patterns for Streamers, and Nymph Fishing: New Angles, Tactics, and Techniques. He’s working on his 4th book called, Fly Fishing Evolution which is expected to be published in October 2023.

dynamic nymphing dynamic nymphing

49:20 – George has a Masterclass Series on Vimeo that you can stream.

dynamic nymphing

50:17 – He talks about one of his favorite patterns, the Sunburst Sulfur which is a perdigon pattern, and describes how he fishes it.

dynamic nymphing
Photo by Tactical Fly Fisher

53:00 – George talks about Karst Geology and Limestone Stream in Central PA.

56:55 – George noted some of the conservation groups in Central PA like the Clearwater Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, and others.

1:02:10 – George tells the story of when he unintentionally kicked a musky when he was snorkeling.

1:07:20 – George talks about playing basketball in high school and getting a scholarship for it.

You can find George on Instagram @georgedanieloutside

dynamic nymphing

Visit his website at

dynamic nymphing

Videos Noted in the Show


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Conclusion with George Daniel on Dynamic Nymphing

This episode provided an in-depth look into the life and experiences of George, a renowned fly-fishing instructor, and author. We learned about his teaching philosophy and his role as the Director of the Joe Humphreys Teaching Program at Penn State University. George emphasized the importance of line control in euro nymphing and discussed his book, “Dynamic Nymphing,” which explores various tactics and techniques on euro nymphing. He shared insights on fishing pools with a euro nymph setup and highlighted the benefits of using an ultra-thin monofilament system.

George has a wealth of knowledge to share through his books, including “Strip-Set” and “Nymph Fishing,” and he’s currently working on his fourth book, “Fly Fishing Evolution.” Additionally, George has a YouTube channel and a Masterclass Series on Vimeo for those interested in learning from him.

Lastly, we discovered some interesting anecdotes about George’s experiences, from his daily trail running routine to a memorable encounter with a musky while snorkeling. His diverse background, including his basketball scholarship in high school, added further depth to the conversation. Overall, this episode provided a comprehensive glimpse into George’s expertise, his contributions to the fly fishing community, and his remarkable journey in the sport.