It’s boat talk today with Chris Callanan as we delve deep into Outcast Boats. We explore his tips on finding the perfect boat,  their unique tweaks to float tubes, and the significance of internal bladders in all their boats.

We also gain valuable insights into the boating industry. Let’s jump into the realm of boats, float tubes, and of course, fly fishing from a whole new perspective.

Outcast Boats with Chris Callanan. Hit play below!



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Outcast Boats

Outcast Boats Show Notes with Chris Callanan


03:16 – We did a stillwater event with Phil Rowley and gave away a Fish Cat 4 Float Tube from Outcast. The Fish Cat 4 is their top-selling float tube because of its good design and materials.

And speaking of float tubes, we look back to the ’80s and ’90s and explore the evolution and notable differences between float tubes of the past and the designs and materials used in today’s models.

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05:00 – Outcast provides a range of float tube sizes to cater to individuals’ varying needs and sizes. They have two models for the bigger guys: the Prowler and the Fish Cat 5 Max.

Outcast Boats

Chris Callanan’s Fly Fishing Story


07:00 – Chris grew up in Buffalo, New York. His father was a physician who loved fishing and hunting, so they moved to Idaho, where he and his dad spent their weekends fishing together.

07:53 – Chris had the opportunity to work during the summers as a fishing guide for the Yellowstone Angler George Anderson’s second employee.

09:26 – Today, Chris lives in Idaho and works for AIRE, with Outcast as the fishing side of the company.

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AIRE and Outcast Sporting Gear Products 


16:47 – Outcast has been in business since 1995. According to Chris, one notable feature of their products is the inclusion of internal bladders. He breaks down the significance of these bladders for safety and simplified repair processes.


22:51 – We discuss frameless boats like the Fish Cat Scout IGS and the OSG Stealth Pro.

24:57 – Phil Rowley is a big fan of the PAC 9000, an exceptional all-around boat offered by Outcast.

Outcast Boats

27:35 – The PAC 1400 is the top-selling raft frame on the Outcast side. For AIRE, it’s the Super Duper Puma.

30:06 – Chris recommends the OSG Clearwater and OSG Commander for steelhead fishing. The OSG Commander is more of a kayak-style boat. For Chris, the OSG Clearwater is also an excellent all-around boat.

35:19—The OSG Striker is a staff favorite. It is a frameless, two-person raft that weighs 100 lbs.



Outcast Boats

39:00 – Besides their boats, Outcast offers a wide range of boating accessories, including fins, oar locks, oar stops, oars, pumps, and more. They also offer durable bags made from leftover boat materials.

39:54 – Chris highly recommends the AIRE 136DD as the perfect boat for longer trips, including full weekends and overnight adventures.

46:59 – Our stillwater guru, Phil Rowley, has a long-standing partnership with Outcast.

50:43 – Chris provides a detailed breakdown of the business operations at Outcast.

Coffee Talk with Chris 


1:00:00 – Chris loves black coffee and admits to being a coffee snob, having lived in Seattle for a while. He also enjoys making his coffee.

1:02:00 – Chris admits to still using the rod George Anderson gave him 40 years ago during his time at the Yellowstone Angler. He uses a 6-wt. rod for everything, a choice that Phil playfully teases him about.

1:03:48 – Chris loves the Smartless and The Rewatchables.

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Outcast Boats Conclusion with Chris Callanan

Another amazing episode today! We hope you found some inspiration in finding the right boat for your fishing adventures. This is a must-listen for any angler looking to enhance their boating experience.