There’s so much information out there these days online that it’s easy to get confused so I wanted to bring it back for you and clarify where to start.

Brian Chou said it best in a recent interview I had with him:  Pick a rod and line setup and fish it!

He’s basically saying that sure, you need a balanced outfit, but you really need to just get on the water and start casting to ever take that next step.

So, your call to action today if you are new to steelhead fly fishing:  Grab a rod (there are plenty full spey setups for under $500) and go swing some flies.

If you don’t have the cash up front find a friend who is a little ahead of you, borrow a rod and get out on the water and start casting.

Take a look at the link below to my interview with Brian Chou who breaks things down.

Here’s the link to episode 002 with Brian Chou


Choosing a Spey Line

Dec Hogan breaks down some of the basics on choosing a line here and Pete Humpries sheds light on spey casting here.

There are lot’s of choices out there so if you have questions you can always leave a comment below and I’ll follow up with you.


Bottom line, if you are going to get good at spey casting you are going to have to put your time on the water.  I just started connecting with Line Speed Jedi who shares his story of how he learned to become proficient at spey casting.

There is some really good information at Tim’s site so please check it out if you have time.  Also, Tim said that he would be interested in coming on the Fly Fishing Show so stay tuned for that.

line speed Jedi



Don’t get overwhelmed by all of the content online.  I know it’s crazy because I have been confused as well.  Please subscribe to my Fly Fishing Podcast if you would like to listen to the pros I interview clarify it for you.

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