Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into Steelhead Alley this year with some bonuses and a big trip! We talk about what you can expect for that trip to Steelhead Alley with me, Jeff Liskay, Rick Kustich, and a bunch of other awesome anglers, and why you should be excited about it!

Jeff shares a handful of great tips on casting, gear setup, and how to have a great day on the water. We also talk about Jeff’s multispecies boat which has lots of awesome features. Stay tuned as announce the big winner live on Facebook for that Steelhead Alley trip!

Steelhead Alley Trip with Jeff Liskay. Hit play below!

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Show Notes with Jeff Liskay on Steelhead Alley

07:00 – You can check out all of the Great Lakes Dude’s podcast episodes at

10:30 – Jeff talks about fishing for drums, carp, and gars. He tells us how water temperatures affect fishing and what fishing looks like between now and December.

18:30 – We just had Rick Kustich back on the podcast to give us a little teaser on what we’re going to be doing on that Steelhead Alley trip.

25:30 – Tip: “Do not be afraid to use your single-hand rod, or the spey line, or small switch rod, or do some indicator fishing for the day”.

37:00 – Jeff talks about how he and his buddies mix things up with rod setup, lines, leader, tippet, flies, how they swing, etc.

45:00 – Jeff shares some awesome casting tips.


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50:00 – “Your eyes are your best tool”, Jeff says.. when it comes to fishing deep waters. He explains why.

52:00 – Tip: “Most good fishing locations are places you don’t want to fish or are hard to get to”.

1:00:45 – Tip: “Do not be afraid to drive to better river conditions than fight a bad water condition”.

1:01:25 – Tip: “Play around with your leader or tippet”.

1:07:45 – Jeff recommends the SA Spey Lite Skagit Line by Scientific Anglers.

1:12:12 – We talk about Jeff’s 22-foot Ranger multispecies boat that has 5 fish finders and other awesome features.

1:14:30 – We’ll be announcing the Steelhead School winner live on Facebook next week. So stay tuned and good luck!

You can find Jeff Liskay on Instagram at @greatlakesdude and @greatlakesflyfishingllc

Visit his website at

Listen to all of the Great Lakes Dude’s episodes at The Great Lakes Dude Podcast

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Conclusion with Jeff Liskay on Steelhead Alley

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just dipping your toes into the world of fishing, the Great Lakes Dude’s podcast is your ultimate companion. Jeff’s passion for the sport shines through as he shares invaluable insights, tips, and stories that will take your fishing game to the next level. From exploring various species and mastering techniques to uncovering hidden fishing spots and upgrading your gear, the podcast offers a thrilling adventure for fishing enthusiasts of all levels.

So tune in, cast your line, and get ready for an exciting journey with the Great Lakes Dude. Tight lines and happy fishing!