Jeff Liskay is back on the show to break down steelhead and spey fishing with a focus on the Steelhead Alley area of the Great Lakes. We find out which spey line he loves and when to use a skagit vs a scandi line.

We chat about what the Steelhead School trip would look like and how Jeff and the team are dedicated to checking off our wish list once we get there.

We have launched the Steelhead School Giveaway and you have a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Steelhead Alley to up your spey game and chase steelhead with Jeff Liskay. Refine your spey casting and hook some chrome at the Steelhead School!



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Spey Casting Techniques Show Notes with Jeff Liskay

03:20 – Jeff was on the podcast for the first time in episode 255

07:50 – For rods, if you have a 10 to 10 1/2 foot switch rod, all the way up to 12 foot is fine. But Jeff recommends and uses 11 to 11 1/2 foot, 5 to 7 wt switch rod.

10:15 – Jeff talks about the line, leader, and tippet setup. He recommends the spey lite integrated skagit line by Scientific Anglers.

spey casting

14:20 – Jeff explains why early December is the best time to fish his home water

26:40 – “The most critical part of the rod would be matching the line”. Jeff explains why.


28:40 – Jeff explains the “scandoid theory” using a scandi line and how it’s different from the skagit line

spey casting

30:20 – Jim Bartschi currently runs Scott Fly Rod. Jeff’s go-to rod is an 11 foot 5 wt Scott Rod.

31:45 – Jeff’s normal routine is a 330 grain skagit head Scientific Angler spey lite on an 11 foot 5 wt, 10-foot sink tip, and runs usually 3 tips.

34:55 – The Western river that we’ll be fishing is the Vermillion River

40:15 – Jeff describes what our house cabin would look like for the Steelhead School trip

41:45 – We chat about the history of the Steelhead Alley

47:30 – Reminder: Dress in layer for the trip

48:50 – For flies, you can use your traditional leech patterns but Jeff has better suggestion. For leader, Jeff prefers 14 inches and explains why.

1:05:00 – On Jeff’s trading card he likes to put a motto that says, “Fish more, post less, and just get on the water”


You can find Jeff on Instagram at @greatlakesdude

Visit his website at

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