Tim Cammisa from Trout and Feather is back on the podcast for the second time to share some updates on what he’s been up to since 2018. Tim has a new book that we dig into and he breaks down the materials for fly tying that he recommends and can actually score today. His new addiction is making short edutainment videos about fly fishing on TikTok and they’re pretty good!

Discover Tim’s Top 5 Materials for Fly Tying – how you can use them to tie patterns that work well. Tim also talks about his Iceland trips that you can take part in this year. And did you know that Dave once tied a fly on Tim’s YouTube channel? Keep scrolling to check it out! Another celebrity fly tyer on the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing show!


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Materials for Fly Tying Show Notes with Tim Cammisa

03:14 – Tim Camissa was on the podcast for the first time back in 2018 at WFS 025

04:34 – Tim recently published a book through Stackpole Publishing called Fly Tying for Everyone, published in July 2021

materials for fly tying

05:11 – Tim makes edutainment videos about fly fishing on Tiktok – check them out and follow!

09:06 – Uncle Cheech from Fly Fish Food was on the podcast at WFS 263

10:21 – Jay Nichols, publisher of Headwater Books, fly fishing editor for Stackpole Books, Northeast Field Editor for Fly Fisherman magazine, encouraged Tim to write the book

14:01 – Jay suggests that Tim should have a Perdigon pattern in the book – here’s what Tim’s Perdigon looks like


materials for fly tying

14:24 – Shawn McQuade from the YouTube channel, McFly Angler was on the podcast at WFS 262

14:31 – Tim Flagler from Tightline Productions was recently on the podcast at WFS 279

16:14 – Here’s a video of Tim tying an Articulated Streamer

16:53 – Gunnar Brammer is great at tying Articulated Streamer patterns – Tim seeks advice from him

17:27 – There’s a section in Tim’s book dedicated to one of Devin Olsen’s flies – Devin was also on the podcast at WFS 043

21:31 – The first UV resin that Tim used was the Solarez Bone Black Dry

materials for fly tying

28:26 – Tim uses GSP threads on a regular basis – he recommends Nano Silk by Semperfli

materials for fly tying

31:16 – Tim is an ambassador for Semperfli threads

32:34 – Tim follows Son Tao on Instagram

34:00 – Tom Whiting produces quality hackles – Tom was on the podcast at WFS 115

34:24 – Collins Hackle from New York

materials for fly tying

34:32 – Tim used to work with Clearwater Hackle

35:29 – Tim tells the story of the time when he didn’t believe Bill Keough’s advice about a material – Mr. Keough owns Hareline Dubbin

37:01 – What Parachute Adams using a Klinkhammer hook looks like

41:38 – Tim was on the Orvis Podcast on Dec 2021 – click here to listen to that episode

43:56 – Antron vs Zelon? Tim use them both depending on his goals

50:37 – Tim describes Hanak hooks as the “Ferrari of hooks”

material for fly tying

54:54 – Reach out to Tim via his website TroutandFeather.com if you need some help calibrating your rod, line, leader, tippet, setup

57:05 – Tim shifted from 5x to 6x tippet – then again shifted to 7x because that’s what Pat Wise uses (though he uses 5x to 7x depending on the water)

1:01:34 – Tim uses Slotted Tungsten Beads for his Euro Nymphs

materials for fly fishing

1:05:12 – One of Tim’s mentors is George Daniel – George wrote a book about nymph fishing

1:06:46 – Tim plans to write another book

1:09:20 – Tim tells the story of his Iceland experience

materials for fly tying

1:11:34 – Fish Partner provides lodge for Tim and the crew in Iceland

1:13:08 – Dave was on Tim’s YouTube channel where he tied a Benevolent Dictator Fly – scroll down to watch that video!

1:17:29 – Tim tells the story of when people made memes about him


You can find Tim on his website at TroutandFeather.com

TikTok @troutandfeather

Instagram @troutandfeather

YouTube @Tim Camissa

materials for fly tying


Top 5 Materials for Fly Tying

  1. UV Resin – Solarez Bone Black Dry
  2. GSP Threads – Nano Silk Semperfli
  3. Collins Hackle, Clearwater Hackle, Hareline Dubbin
  4. Hanak Jig hooks
  5. Slotted Tungsten Beads


Resources Noted in the Show

materials for fly fishing

Videos Noted in the Show


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Materials for Fly Tying Conclusion with Tim Cammisa

Tim Cammisa shared some updates on what he’s been up to since 2018. We dug into his new book and discovered some fly tying materials that he recommends – the Top 5 Fly Tying Materials for patterns that work well. Tim talked about his Iceland trips and how we can take part in it this year. He also told us about his edutainment TikTok videos about fly fishing. Comment on one of Tim’s YouTube videos and you will surely get a reply from him!



  1. What a disgrace to fly fishing and fly tying. Just makes my head shake thinking about where this hobby/pastime has gone to in the past 5-7 years.