We get the background on Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods from the Joe Goodspeed who designs all of the rods at T&T.  Joe is a wealth of knowledge in product production and highlights it all today.

We talk about the rod design process, what you need to know about nano particles, graphene and marketing.  Joe gives us the low down on how the technology and marketing is converging and confusing.


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thomas and Thomas with joe goodspeed
photo via: https://thomasandthomas.com/blogs/news/joe-chile-blog


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Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods Show Notes 

06:15 – Brooks Robinson was on the podcast in episode 171 and covered the steps to choosing a fly line.

10:10 – Wet talked about Tom Dorsey and real rod design vs OEM and other rod designing processes.

11:15 – The horizon series was part of Tom’s influence before leaving.

16:30 – The Paradigm is the deep flexing graphite series  and the lotic is the deep flexing glass rod.


23:20 – Batson Rainshadow blanks make a high quality blank and is used by a number of the rod companies who are not as involved directly in the rod building process.


25:55 – The Zone series is T&T’s low end price point.

27:20 – We talked about the Contact 2 Rods which is one of their popular series.

27:40 – Mike Lawson was on the podcast in episode 190 and talked about Gary LaFontaine madness.  If you don’t know of Mike or Gary you should check out episode 190.  Mike’s one of the most respected people in fly fishing!

the flav
photo via: https://www.henrysforkanglers.com/


34:00 – I noted the Koffler episode #180 and how you know your drift boat is balance.  A balanced fly rod is a similar effect in that you just know.

50:20 – Dave Whitlock’s Near enough sculpin and crayfish are two flies Joe recommends and Dave has been a huge influence for Joe.  Dave Whitlock was on the podcast in episode 160.

50:50 – Joe’s Mini Crayfish Jig can be found out Fullin Mill.

joe goodspeed crab
photo via: https://www.fullingmill.com/Products-US/Joe-Goodspeed-US


52:50 – The Red’s Fly Shop and Joe killing it with the Crayfish pattern.

Joe from Red’s Fly Shop was also on the podcast here.


1:02:50 – We noted Devin Olsen and Tactical Fly Fishing.   Devin was on the podcast in episode 43 and covered euro nymphing.


You can find Joe on Instagram at Teeth_and_Trout and at ThomasandThomas.com

thomas and thomas fly rods




Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods Noted in the Show

The Contact 2 Rods have been use for T&T

contact 2




Videos Noted in the Show

The Belgian style cast for heavy setups


The Near Enough Sculpin



joe goodspeed


The Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods Conclusion with my Joe GoodSpeed

Joe Goodspeed shares some tips on Euro Nymphing with a focus on the Thomas and Thomos Fly Rods that he designs.  We also dig into Joe’s background in designing fly lines while at Cortland and today brings it all together as you get a perspective from one of the leaders in the rod space.