My old friend Greg Collett is here to share the story behind his move to the jungles of Ecuador and why he’s dedicated his life to conserving the native peoples of his home for the last 10 years.

Greg describes his plan through the production of documentaries to highlight and uplift the schrarm community.  This is a powerful episode with a good old friend doing good in the world so hope this shares some insight and inspires you today.


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Show Notes with the Greg Collett

05:30 – Greg was in Master and Commander the movie.

15:00 – Indie Fly is Oliver White’s non profit focused on helping native people around the world.  Oliver was on the podcast in episode 69 here.

32:30 – The IMF and the connection with Ecuador

38:00 – Legends of the Fall and the grizzly bear of Doug the trainer.


52:10 – I noted the Fly Fishing Collaborative podcast


1:10:40 – Jake Jordan was on the podcast here.



You can find Greg at Fogata films


Greg’s Reel



Resources Noted in the Show

Fogata Films



Master and Commander


Videos Noted in the Show

Fogata Films – Greg’s Documentary


Shuar Kayapa speaks 


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

greg collett

Conclusion with Greg Collett

Greg Collett, my old friend is here to share with us why he moved to Ecuador 10 years ago to pursue his passion focusing on the native people and conservation.  We find out what a day in the life while moving through the Amazon is like.

Greg and I dig into every aspect of the local peoples and why he’s dedicated his life to building a better world for the local people and for you.  This one is a little different but very powerful.