In the first installment, Jeff Liskay masterfully explored the world of rods and floating lines. Now, prepare to plunge into the depths with our next episode, where we’ll learn more about and two-handed lines.

Show Notes with Jeff Liskay on Fly Rod and Line Combo. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Episode Chapters with Jeff Liskay on Fly Rod and Line Combo

00:57 – Sinking Lines and Modern Innovations

Jeff begins by recalling the early days of experimenting with sinking lines in the Great Lakes, attributing pioneers like Jerry Darkes and Capt. Brian Meszaros for laying the groundwork. Fast forward to today, advancements in fly lines, coupled with forward-facing sonar technology, have transformed the game, enabling anglers to present flies at previously thought unattainable depths.

05:37 – Deep Dive into Sinking Lines

Delving into the specifics, Jeff highlights the categories of sinking lines into types based on their sink rate, ranging from intermediate to type eight. These advancements have allowed for precise control over the depth of the fly, with real-time feedback from sonar technology shedding light on the actual fishing depth, a revelation that was once a mystery.

08:00 – Exploring New Frontiers

Jeff’s passion for pushing boundaries shines through as he discusses strategies for targeting deep-water species in the Great Lakes, particularly during the late fall. Techniques that once seemed futile, like fly fishing for muskies at depths of 30 feet, are now within reach thanks to the evolution of sinking lines.

14:05 – Mastery of Fly Lines

Transitioning to the core of his expertise, Jeff breaks down his go-to fly lines, offering a peek into his arsenal, which includes a blend of floating, intermediate, and sinking lines designed to tackle the diverse fishing conditions of the Great Lakes. This tailored approach ensures optimal presentation and effectiveness in various scenarios.

19:43 – The Evolution of Two-Handed Fly Fishing

A significant portion of the discussion is dedicated to two-handed and switch rod lines, where Jeff shares his fascination with the intricate balance between rod action, line weight, and casting technique. He emphasizes the importance of experimentation to find the ‘wow factor’ that signifies a perfect match between the rod and line.

36:02 – Mastering the Scandinavian Fly Line System 


Jeff delves into the Scandinavian fly line system’s popularity around the Great Lakes, highlighting its adaptability and efficiency for various fishing conditions. The system’s versatile design allows anglers to switch entire heads for precise depth control, from floating to sinking, without changing tips. He also covers the importance of matching leader length with rod length for optimal casting performance.

50:27 – Mastering Shooting Lines: Enhancing Cast Distance and Precision

Jeff dives into the intricacies of selecting and using shooting lines in fly fishing, particularly with Scandinavian or Skagit head systems. The discussion covers the benefits of mono and standard fly lines, emphasizing the importance of matching the diameter to the head weight to avoid tangles and ensure effective casting. Special attention is given to the trade-offs between mono’s memory and slickness and the easier handling of standard fly lines.

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Conclusion with Jeff Liskay on Fly Rod and Line Combo

Jeff’s enthusiasm and deep respect for the sport are palpable. His journey through the nuances of fly fishing in the Great Lakes serves as a valuable resource for both seasoned anglers and newcomers alike, encouraging all to venture beyond conventional limits and discover the boundless potential of fly fishing in this region.