Clay Groves, the chief fishing nerd shares the step x step to massive success on the ice.  Clay is the founder of the Fish Nerds Podcast and one of the good guys in the fishing podcast space.  

Clay is one of the longest running fishing podcasts on the planet and today we also get a little taste of what the fish nerds is all about and how it started by them first catching and eating every fish in New Hampshire.


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Show Notes with Clay Groves

01:30 – I was on the fish nerds podcast in episode 206 here.

06:00 – We talk about ice fishing for brook trout and how the broom

13:00 – I noted the euro nymphing article that I wrote at the wet fly swing blog.  We note that hot spots work great for ice.

16:50 – Ice fishing gear – auger with drill 

ice fishing



18:17 – The mop fly

23:20- The hummingbird sonar to help find fish.

27:50 – The mr heater and a clam tent can get you out of the weather.


28:30 – Clay loves his insulted Muck Boots

37:45 – Check out Facebook groups for ice junkies and other groups.

39:00 – The Alaska Burbot fish is the only freshwater fish that goes through estevation

40:30 – the tin fish challenge

41:30 – John Gierach was on the wet fly swing podcast and described the crashing plane and he was on the fish nerds podcast.

43:10 – The mystery box sex show


You can find guest Clay @ fish

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Top Ice fishing gear with Clay at Fish Nerds

  1. We talk about catching brook trout brooder
  2. Dip your rod tip in the water if the fish run on you
  3. Use flies with hot spots
  4. Use tungsten beads
  5. Use spinning rod with a fly reel
  6. Ice fishing trap
  7. Muck boots
  8. use warmers
  9. use a float suit for safety 


ice fishing


Resources Noted in the Show

How to Ice Fish for trout


“no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”

-Clay Groves


clay groves

Ice Fishing Conclusion with Clay Groves

Ice Fishing guide and Chief Executive Fish Nerds, Clay Groves shares the tips to get out ice fishing this season even if you are brand new to the ice.   We find out how to use flies and a fly rod to chase brook trout under the ice.

Clay also breaks down the gear you need to get started including the right sonar and auger to do it.  We hear some great ice fishing stories including the motor cross that jumped in around Clay while fishing.