Jonathan Mckenzie, the co-founder of Turtlebox Audio is here to share the story of how they created a great Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker that sounds great and is ready for the outdoors.

Jonathan describes how it all started with him and his best 3 buddies and now has become a group of 4 families, 25 people with kids running around the headquarters.  Jonathan, Will, Regan, and Jeff


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Show Notes with Jonathan Mckenzie 

22:55 – TWS – True Wireless Stereo vs the mono single speaker.  If you get two turtlebox speakers you can do TWS.

29:07 – Will Bradley is the guy who rallies people, Reagan is the CFO, Jeff Besner has the big company exposure.

40:20 – I noted the Outdoors Online Podcast and the Jessica Shambora community podcast.

45:30 –  Duck Camp out of Austin, Zilker Belts, Chama Chair hunting chairs, Pak Mule, Twisted X Brewery and others are big Texas companies that are part of the Tejas Collaborative.

duck camp
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55:20 – Don Julio 1942 or some in the $60 range  Teirra noble are good for Tequilla.  We get a little lesson on Tequilla here so worth a listen.

58:35 – The Devil’s River trip is coming up that is a classified pristine River out of Texas.

devils canyon
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You can find Jonathan at 

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Top Reasons to Buy the Turtlebox 

  1. The battery lasts for a long long time
  2. Two speakers gives you TWS and stereo sound
  3. It’s got some killer straps for your boat
  4. They Kill everyone with kindness
  5. It’s made hunters and anglers
  6. The founders are awesome
  7. You support this podcast if you purchase here (let the guys know you came from the podcast)
  8. Texas Companies are cool
  9. The turtle can get wet
  10. They’ve got more products coming


Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Videos Noted 

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Read the Full Transcript for this Episode Below


“Listen Responsibly”

-Jonathan Mckenzie

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Turtlebox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion 

We get the full Turtlebox story from Jonathan Mckenzie on how he co-founded Turtlebox Audio 8 years ago and has created a great outdoor Bluetooth Speaker focused on fishing, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

We get a glimpse of where Turtlebox might be heading next and why they are doubling down on the hunting and fishing niche.  If you want to hear an amazing company founder, amazing passion, and a product you can stand behind, this is the episode for you.