Adam Cuthriell and the FishHound Expeditions crew takes us on a remote Alaskan Wilderness float trip. We break down the recommended fly fishing gear for Alaska trip and all that you need to prepare for – from the best flies to the best fly rod to the best clothing to get you ready for that trip of a lifetime and make your experience 10 out of 10.

Find out what a rainbow hitting a mice sounds like in this episode and how you can put together your own remote Alaskan trip.


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fishing gear for alaska

Fly Fishing Gear for Alaska Show Notes with Adam Cuthriell

01:30 – Adam was on the podcast in episode 324 here and broke down all of the trips he leads in Alaska including the trip to Kodiak Island.

07:10 – The RIO Outband Short is the goto line for fishing Alaska.

08:36 – The RIO Pip Squeak is the goto pattern for your mouse pattern and mousing for rainbows.

15:00 – We are doing a giveaway later this year so stay tuned and we will share more on that.  The giveaway will be listed here when it’s live:  Alaska Trip Giveaway

17:11 – Make sure to get a good head net for the trip as a backup.  Here’s a Sea to Summit from REI.

17:30 – Fingerless gloves are a key to keeping your hands warm when needed and keeping the bugs from bugging you during the day.

wool gloves



18:09 – A hoodie and layering is super critical.  Here’s an article that walks you through some tips on layering throughout the year.

18:35 – The fake down insulated pants by patagonia are key.

19:00 – Seal socks are super nice along with usb socks.

20:30 – Pocket knife, lighters, water gremlin for split shot,

22:37 – The NRS Bills bag comes with the trip.  NRS was on the podcast here and talked about the story of the founder, Bill Parks who gave the company to his employees.

fishing gear for Alaska

24:30 – The Steelhead Gear list podcast and blog post is a good resource to dig into the gear for the winter.

25:30 – Sleeping bag, pillow is important to bring, but a tent and pad is not required on this trip.

26:50 – Owner hooks and pegs work well for doing the bead thing.


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fishing gear for alaska


Fly Fishing Gear for Alaska Resources 

Here’s a podcast on steelhead winter gear

The Ultimate Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Gear List – Rods, Reels, Fly Lines, Waterproof Bags, Resources


Videos Noted in the Show

Mousing for Alaska Rainbows


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Fly Fishing Gear for Alaska Conclusion 

FishHound Expeditions is on the show today to share the fly fishing gear for Alaska you need to get off to a great start.  We find out what the take is like for rainbow trout on the surface for mice.

We dig into swinging mice for rainbows, fishing beads for trout and the right hook to use.  This is the kickoff to the Alaskan Givewaway we have coming later this fall.