Morgan Misek is here today to take us into bike packing and some of the new product lines at Trxstle this year. We find out how the Geryon Universal Bike Packing system came to be, how he co-founded Trxstle, and what’s on the horizon for the company.

We also dig into Morgan’s biking journey and how Trxstle aims to solve some of the biggest pains in the biking world.

Bike Packing with Morgan Misek. Hit play below!

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Bike Packing Show Notes with Morgan Misek

01:53 – We had an episode with John Smigaj before where we talked about their fly rod carrier. Morgan Misek tells us how he co-founded Trxstle with John. They worked together as mechanical engineers before starting their engineering firm.

03:53 – They realized they had some great product ideas they’d like to turn into reality, so they launched Trxstle.

The first product they sold was a T-shirt, but their first actual product was the CRC System. Trxstle collaborates with diverse artists to create unique shirt designs as a part of their Artist Series.

05:49 – John introduced Morgan to fly fishing, and Morgan introduced John to mountain biking. They combined the two activities to ride to fishing spots. Morgan grew up riding in the woods and later raced mountain bikes in college.

08:19 – Morgan discusses the origin of the Geryon, one of the first product ideas they had when starting. The purpose was to provide a means for bikers to carry any gear while mountain biking.

13:26 – The Geryon has 30 lbs gear capacity, 15 lbs on the front + 15 lbs on the rear rack.

19:28 – Morgan shares his top recommendations for bike riders to check out, including Reece Wallace, Brandon Semenuk, the Athertons, who host a race series in the UK called Hardline, and anyone riding in the Redbull Rampage.


20:18 –  The name “Geryon” comes from a three-headed giant in Greek mythology who was related to Medusa. Geryon was also the name of a steam locomotive used during the 1800s.

23:50 – We talk about the success of the Trxstle clothing line. Their Tumbleweed Series has been very popular.

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26:17 – Morgan highlights the unique feature of Trxstle’s CRC System. Its telescopic collapsibility sets it apart from other similar products.

33:40 – Trxstle has new upgrades and a new color option for the CRC system.

34:25 – Morgan also talked about their waterproof cases, like the River Locker Compact Waterproof Case and the Big Water case.

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36:00 – We did the two-minute drill with Morgan. I asked him how he felt seeing his product out in the world. For Morgan, success is seeing other people use the thing he designed.

38:00 – Morgan’s superpower is visualizing things in 3D space.

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41:00 – To find the perfect bike, it’s best to consult your local bike shop for expert recommendations. With their knowledge of the local trails and the price points, they can help you find the right bike that suits your needs.

42:40 – Aside from biking, Morgan also likes skiing and surfing. He said he wanted to surf in Alaska.

47:31 – John Gierach was on the podcast, so I asked Morgan about his favorite book. His go-to book is Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

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Bike Packing Resources Noted in the Show

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Bike Packing Videos Noted in the Show

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Bike Packing Conclusion with Morgan Misek

We had the opportunity to chat with Morgan Misek, co-founder of Trxstle. We learned about the inspiration behind the Geryon Universal Bike Packing system. We also discussed their CRC system and the design upgrades they have upcoming.

What are you most excited to try out from Trxstle’s product line?