We get the scoop on Northern California Fly Fishing today with Jared Shakin.  Jared is a guide on the Yuba River and a number of other great Nor Cal rivers.  He breaks out some tips on dry fly fishing the Yuba River.

We also here the story of how Jared moved into guiding after life as an accountant.  Lots of tangents in this one including a Mike Tyson comment and a conversation to whether Nor Cal has become a fly fishing meca.


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Show Notes with Jared Shakin

08:30 – jared works with Fish First Fly Shop, Fly Fishing Specialties and the main one where Jared works in shop is Kiene’s Fly Shop.

09:45 – The North Yuba River is the main dry fly river for Jared.  Here’s a post that shows some of the Yuba.

14:35 – The chubby chernobyl is one of the top 10 flies of all time and a killer for Jared.

16:35 – I note Nick Hannah at the Barbless podcast who was on the show here in episode 119.

24:15 – We talk about Jack Trout and the mentorship that Jack provides for Jared.

26:30 – Tom Bie was on the podcast in episode 162 and talked about the Drake Magazine and the ski and fly fish connection.

27:25 – Roy Jones jr. on the Joe Rogan show.


33:20 – In interviewed Pete McBride, the film maker of Martin’s Boat here. 

37:05 – We talk about the Mike Mercer episode and the missing link.

48:55 – James Millard from OPST was on the podcast to talk about micro spey.


You can find Jared at SRFlyFish.com

northern california fly fishing

The 222 – Top Flies, Tips and Resources for Northern California Fly Fishing

Top Dry Flies:

  1. Chubby
  2. missing link

Top Dry Fly Tips:

  1. Manage your mend all the way to the end of the line
  2. Fish with a longer leader in the 11-12 foot range or longer

Top Resources

  1. Slack Line strategies for Dry fly fishing by John Judy
  2. Pete Kutzer’s casting videos – Here’s a trick video from Pete


Resources Noted in the Show

Slack Line strategies for Dry fly fishing by John Judy

Slack Line strategies for Dry fly fishing


Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Pete Kutzer’s Trick Video


The Missing Link


“You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.”

-Wayne Gretzky


jared shakin

Conclusion with Jared Shakin

We dig into Northern California Fly Fishing today with Jared Shakin from Shakin Rods.  We cover it all including dry fly fishing for trout, steelhead on the American and even a little on politics.