We hear the story of how John Peterka came to own Sage Brush Dry, a great company out of Kake Alaska producing dry bags for hunting and fishing.  Find out how part of the deal when buying the company was for John to become a fly fisher.

John describes their process of using radio frequency welding which creates a thermal and air tight bond.  They can get more curve because they are using hot air welding via a double bond.  A lot of terminology but bottom line is they produce a killer water proof bag.


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Show Notes with Sage Brush Dry

13:20 – Ti Zip is the company John uses for their bomber waterproof zippers.

17:30 – The hip and deck pack is the perfect bag for fly fishing.  The day tripper is also a great fly fishing bag that includes fly rod tube holders.

21:00 – John talks about the Ttlingit Tribe that is in the Kake area.  Find out how basketball helped John break the ice with the Ttlingit community.

30:40 – Mariusz Wroblewski was on the podcast here and described his experience in Kamchatku.

32:00 – We talked about the fly fishing giveaway and how Sage Brush Dry is part of the Pyramid Lake Giveaway.

37:00 – John has some new kayak bags and custom labels that are new this year.  So if you want to get your logo on a dry bag give John a call.

38:10 – Grundens and XTRA TUF’s are hist goto gear for Alaska.  I agree and love both of these companies products.


You can reach John at Sage Brush Dry.

sage brush dry

Resources Noted in the Show

Here’s a Google Map of Kake Alaska



sage brush dry

Conclusion with John Peterka

John Peterka shares his story how he came to purchase and run Sage Brush Dry.  Find out what Sage Brush is all about and some of the great bags they offer for fishing and hunting.  If you appreciate quality in an american made product then Sage Brush is a company you should support.

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