Kenneth Andres from AFFTA is here to share the biggest fly fishing trade association event that brings together business to business brands in the fly fishing industry.  We find out how Ken has been gearing up for AFFTA and IFTD for quite a while.

We also find out which other outdoor events and conferences you may want to attend this year if you are looking to expand your outreach.

Note:  The 2021 IFTD Show has been cancelled due to COVID.


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Show Notes with Ken Andres

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Wide Spread Panic – You Can’t Always Get What You Want 



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Conclusion with Ken Andres from AFFTA

Ken Andres from the American Fly Fishing Trade Association is on the podcast today to shed light on IFTD and what you can do do help build your brand in the fly fishing space.

Ken has an amazing background in the outdoor space as he shares the story of some of the fishing events he remembers that have changed over the years.