JP Ross, founder of JP Ross Fly Rods, shares his story of how he built a fly rod company that has now been around for over 20 years. JP shares some great advice on life and business – the things he learned the hard way and the things that keep him going.

We chat about his podcast, In the Seam – the inspiration behind it, his unique style of podcasting, and the goal as it goes.

We also learn more about Trout Power – an organization dedicated to protect, restore and enhance heritage brook trout populations in the Adirondacks and throughout New York.


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small stream fly rods

Show Notes with JP Ross Fly Rods

05:00 – JP’s first fly rod was a Fenwick Eagle

06:30 – JP saved up tens of thousands of dollars to start a fly shop called, Rising Trout Outfitter

07:30 – They started making JP Ross fly rods which were 100 bucks with a case

08:15 – JP teamed up with Kerry Burkheimer – Kerry was on the podcast at WFS 282

09:20 – They designed a rod called K357 which many people used to compete with

18:00 – We chat about the quote from River Runs Through It, “I’m haunted by waters”


24:25 – JP started a podcast called In the Seam – we chat about his style of podcasting

small stream fly rods

26:20 – His recent episode was with Keith Tidball where they talked about hope in humanity – listen to that episode here

28:00 – We talk about small stream fishing

31:15 – JP and Mark Usyk used to read the Frog and Toad Adventures book a lot as a child

31:30 – Jeff Kimball paints their rod blanks

small stream fly rods

32:45 – JP makes most of his rods and they’re affordable. The Beaver Meadow Adams is only $349.

small stream fly rods

34:05 – Tom Starmack was recently in episode 353 where we talked about euro nymphing on small streams

34:20 – The Peacemaker is the only euro nymphing rod that you could use to the 10 1/2 – 4 wt

small stream fly rods

37:40 – He describes what a fallfish looks like

small stream fly rods

40:10 – Brook trout is a good target in September at JP’s area

small stream fly rods

45:50 – JP talks about why he started and what they have going at Trout Power

57:58 – JP’s top 2 flies are small Muddler Minnow and The Usual

muddler minnow
Photo by
the usual fly pattern
Photo by Stone River Outfitters

1:01:00 – Hal Janssen was recently on the podcast where we dug into stillwater fly fishing

1:11:55 – JP tells us his top favorite movies: Blues Brothers, Smoke in the Bandit, Indiana Jones, Daniel Craig’s 007, Guardians of the Galaxy, On Golden Pond

1:13:40 – This American Life is one of JP’s favorite podcasts


You can find JP Ross on Instagram at @jprossflyrods

Facebook at JP Ross Fly Rods & Company

Website at

Phone number: 315-580-3150

small stream fly rods


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