Join us for an engaging episode as we kick things off with the tale of how Carl was bitten by the backpacking bug and how it eventually led to them starting a podcast. His journey began with a burning desire to be part of the adventures his high school friends embarked on, and he has never looked back since. Their podcast, Backpacking and Blisters came to life from the back of a minivan during a return trip from Glacier National Park. Their goal was to create something entertaining, something more than what was already out there, and it’s safe to say they’ve achieved that and much more!

Show Notes with Carl Mandrioli of Backpacking and Blisters. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Listen in as we share invaluable tips on gear selection and trip planning for backpacking adventures. From discussing Carl’s love for trail running to exploring the various gear options for backpacking, we leave no stone unturned. Get ready for some exciting stories including a nail-biting encounter with a grizzly bear! Further, we talk about how to select the right balance between comfort and durability when choosing your gear and the importance of researching different brands.

backpacking and blisters

We wrap up the episode with a thoughtful discussion on handling podcast guests and the importance of being a responsible and respectful host. We share insights into how to evaluate the authenticity of a guest, their expertise, and how to handle tricky questions. This episode is a treasure trove of information, filled with myths, tips, and advice on everything backpacking. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a newbie looking to venture into the great outdoors, this episode is sure to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need.

Episode Chapters – Backpacking and Blisters

(0:00:05) – Podcast Origins and Guest Selection
Carl and Derek started a podcast to entertain, meeting many in the outdoor community after a backpacking trip to Glacier National Park.

(0:10:47) – Gear and Trip Planning Tips
Carl discusses ultra-light backpacking, how much weight children can carry, and his passion for trail running and backpacking trips.

backpacking and blisters

(0:21:23) – Choosing Gear for Outdoor Activities
Finding the right balance between comfort and durability when selecting a backpacking pad, researching brands, and Carl’s story of chasing a grizzly bear away from his campsite.

backpacking and blisters

(0:32:07) – Gear and Food for Backpacking Trips
Essential gear for successful backpacking trips, including sleeping bags, tents, stoves, water filters, and food, are discussed, emphasizing budget and quality balance.

backpacking and blisters

(0:39:30) – Hiking Myths, Tips, and Gear
We provide tips on backpacking, from rustling in the bushes to packing the right gear and food.


(0:51:16) – Outdoor Enthusiasts & Handling Podcast Guests
Researching sources, engaging in conversations, and respecting the platform are key when backpacking.

backpacking and blisters

(0:59:52) – Hiking, Basketball, and Adventure Goals
Carl and his friends discussed hiking, basketball, backpacking, running shoes, gear, myths, and tips.

(1:07:41) – Planning a Marathon and Traveling
Setting goals for health, types of shoes and marathons, benefits of backpacking, and Carl’s story of getting into backpacking.

backpacking and blisters

(1:11:27) – Discussion on Podcasting and Accountability
We talk about Carl’s journey, staying accountable, trail running, backpacking gear, myths, and tips, researching sources, basketball, setting goals, and shoes for backpacking.

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backpacking and blisters

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backpacking and blisters

Conclusion on Backpacking and Blisters

“Backpacking and Blisters” is an engaging podcast that traces Carl’s journey from a desire for adventure to becoming a respected podcast host. The episode provides valuable insights into backpacking, from gear selection to responsible podcast hosting. Carl’s passion for trail running and backpacking shines through as he shares tips on gear and thrilling encounters with nature. This podcast is a must-listen for both seasoned hikers and newcomers, offering expertise and motivation for outdoor adventures.

In summary, “Backpacking and Blisters” is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration, showcasing the power of passion, expertise, and storytelling. If you’re looking for adventure, insight, and a deeper understanding of backpacking, tune in and let the journey begin!