Picture an eager eight-year-old, fishing rod in hand, standing by a South Dakota pond. That was Sam, embarking on a journey that would lead to a lifelong passion for fly fishing. Now, we invite you to come along as our guest, Sam shares fishing tales and tips, from the peaceful corners of Eastern Idaho to the sturdy boats of Miller Drift Boats.

Show Notes with Sam Whitlock – Hyde Drift Boats. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Our episode navigates the tranquil world of fly fishing, discussing the pursuit of quiet spots away from the crowds and the unique experiences Eastern Idaho offers. Our conversation flows into an exploration of drift boating, examining models like the Hyde Pro Series and the Montana Skiff, and discussing the durability of different materials and designs. We also share essential safety tips for drift boating, emphasizing the importance of wearing life jackets and proper anchor use.

miller drift boats

Our chat takes a detour into the local scene of Henry’s Fork and the charm of the local fly shop, Jimmy’s Fly Fish Food. Sam shares his personal experiences with drift boating and dives into the necessity of safety on the river, rounding off our episode. Come join us on this angling adventure, filled with stories, laughter, and invaluable tips for both newbies and seasoned fly fishers.

Episode Chapters – Miller Drift Boats

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing and Miller Drift Boats
Sam began fly fishing at age 8, learning to catch bluegill and watching bass eat them, and later in college discovered the art of fly fishing and caught fish after fish.

(0:09:06) – Fishing Trips and Finding Quiet Spots
Enjoy fly fishing, helping guests find peaceful rivers away from crowds, and sharing the joys of nature.

miller drift boats

(0:12:40) – Fishing in Eastern Idaho and Durability
Miller Drift Boats and Hyde’s unique boats discussed for extra effort fly fishing spots.

miller drift boats

(0:22:15) – Types of Boats and Safety Considerations
Leg locks, aluminum vs. fiberglass, safety, and finding the best spot for fly fishing.

(0:34:13) – Drift Boat Rowing and Safety Tips
Prioritize safety when drift boating; row away from danger, avoid fast water and big rocks, and consider restrictions on teaching and guiding.

miller drift boats


(0:38:06) – Life Jackets and Anchors
We discuss life jackets, anchors, NRS Matique Inflatable life jackets, and Tornado Anchors for fly fishing safety.

(0:41:15) – Boat and Fishing Recommendations in East Idaho
We discuss fishing opportunities on Henry’s Fork, Jimmy’s Fly Fish Food, Hyde Pro Series XL, Montana Skiff, and safety.

miller drift boats

(0:54:21) – Music, Podcasts, and Boat Talk
Sam and I discussed river safety, boats, life jackets, anchors, and fly fishing on Henry’s Fork.

miller drift boats

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Conclusion with Sam Whitlock – Miller Drift Boats

Our angling and boating adventure with Sam and Miller Drift Boats has been an awesome journey. From childhood beginnings in South Dakota to expertly navigating Eastern Idaho’s rivers, our conversation delves into the intricacies of the sport. Sam generously shares fishing tales, emphasizing the pursuit of quiet spots, durability of drift boats, and crucial safety considerations. The episode becomes a comprehensive guide, blending stories, laughter, and invaluable tips for both novice and seasoned fly fishers alike. Join us on this angling journey, where passion meets practical knowledge, creating ripples of inspiration for all who cast their lines into the tranquil world of fly fishing.