Captain John McCloskey aka Dry Fly John describes what it’s like rainbow trout fishing in Alaska. He gives us a rundown on how to get there and what activities you can enjoy once you’re there. Find out what gear he recommends and the best times to go fishing in Alaska.

John also talks about what he’s been up to lately while guiding in Naknek River Camp – whitetail hunting and close encounters with bears and wolves!


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rainbow trout fishing

Rainbow Trout Fishing Show Notes with John McCloskey

02:43 – John was on the podcast for the first time at WFS 089

04:34 – John hunts for whitetail

05:36 – His largest rainbow at 36″ on the Naknek River

rainbow trout fishing

09:42 – Lots of close encounters with bears and wolves

rainbow trout fishing

10:28 – Naknek River is part of the Bristol Bay system – it flows west from Naknek Lake

rainbow trout fishing

18:19 – June 8 to the end of June is a good time to go fishing in Alaska if you want the numbers game or practice

29:21 – What you should watch out for and keep in mind before going out there in the wild

32:20 – John describes what it’s like in the camp – the lodge, cabins, etc.

34:15 – How to get to the camp

rainbow trout fishing

38:26 – John talks about the setup and gears he recommends

53:36 – Other types of species you can target in some other parts of Alaska

54:54 – The Katmai Trophy Lodge is also a part of the Naknek River Camp group – in the same entity owned by Jim Johnson

rainbow trout fishing

1:00:25 – Dolly Lama Fly

rainbow trout fishing


You can find Captain John on Instagram @dryflyjohn 

rainbow trout fishing



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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

rainbow trout fishing

Rainbow Trout Fishing Conclusion with my John McCloskey

John and I talked about rainbow trout fishing in Alaska – how to get to the Naknek River Camp and what you can enjoy doing once you’re there. We also talked about the most recommended gears and the best times to fish in Alaska.

Ever fished in Alaska? Tell us about your experience in the comments.