Grant Breidenbach walks us through the gear and steps to going ultralight on your next backpacking trip. We break down the essentials in preparing your backpack to make your trip fun and safe. We find out how to apply the caloric and volumetric density formula with the help Bearvault canister. Grant also tells us his backpack setup, his favorite gear, and where to get them.

What do you really need when going on a backpacking trip and what don’t you need? Hit play below to learn more!

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ultralight backpacking gear

Show Notes with Grant Breidenbach

02:00 – Grant was on the podcast for the first time in episode 357

08:00 – Tip: Put your bear canister in the middle of your pack to balance the weight. Grant explains why.

11:55 – One of Grant’s favorite backpacks is the Osprey Aether.

Ultralight Backpacking Gear

13:00 – For tent, he uses one that’s called semi freestanding

ultralight backpacking gear
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15:00 – Grant tells the story of when he got struck by lightning.

18:00 – Nemo Tensor ultralight insulated sleeping pad.

ultralight backpacking gear
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22:30 – Grant recommends getting your gear at


25:00 – Grant shares a secret tip on bringing some frozen dried food.

29:25 – Grant’s backpack only weigh’s 12 pounds.

31:30 – The 4 biggest things to bring on a hike:

  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Tent
  3. Backpack
  4. Sleeping pad

37:15 – We learn about caloric and volumetric density, and how to apply it in preparing your food.

ultralight backpacking gear

41:00 – There’s a YouTube series called, The Gear Skeptic that teaches about preparing for a backpacking trip

44:00 – We did an episode on ultralight boats with Phil Hayes

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Ultralight Backpacking Gear

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Videos Noted in the Show

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