Nick Pionessa, a professional fly tyer from New York, takes us on a journey today of becoming a full-time production fly tyer, tying over 100 dry flies for trout a day. We hear about the story of how he got started fly tying and eventually made a living out of it. Nick walks us through some of the most effective and requested dry fly patterns.

This episode is loaded with a bunch of dry fly tying tips. You’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and get on your workstation while listening to this.

Discover Nick’s Top 5 Dry Fly Patterns! If you love fly tying, you gonna love this one!


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flies for trout

Dry Flies for Trout Show Notes with Nick Pionessa

04:13 – One of Nick’s first fly rods is an Eagle Claw fly rod

04:28 – Nick took a fly tying class in high school with Jim Keech

05:15 – He does a little guiding in the great lakes

06:00 – Rick Kustich used to own a fly shop in Albion Oak Orchard, NY – his partner Bob Morrisey gave Nick his first fly tying order

10:37 – When Nick worked in a fly shop, he tied 100 trout flies a day

18:15 – Tim Flagler was on the podcast at WFS 279 and he shared some great tips on fly tying


20:01 – Nick’s flies go as far as Alaska

21:27 – Last year, Nick’s most popular fly was the Peacock Emerger

flies for trout

26:26 – Parachute Spinner

flies for trout

31:59 – Nick describes his technique in tying the Peacock Emerger

35:19 – Nick describes the Para-Spinner technique

36:46 – Most of Nick’s parachute patterns have poly yarn material for the wing

39:55 – Calf tail is his least favorite material to work with

40:55 – The Disabled Dun Hendrickson

flies for trout

46:47 – If Nick could only have one dry fly, he would choose the Sparkle Dun (Craig Matthews original)

48:52 – One of the dry flies that Nick fished with the most is the Yellow Bodied Stimulator

50:10 – The Thorax by Mike Lawson lost some of the points that its originally known for

55:06 – The big no-nos in fishing the fish that are actively spawning

58:10 – For steelhead, Nick tied and used the Bill Spey a lot

flies for trout

1:01:40 – Collins Hackle in New York is recommended for the second time – Tim Cammisa recommends them too

1:02:30 – Nick gives some tips on tying small dry flies

  • You have to see what you’re doing – have proper magnification, proper visibility, wear glasses if necessary
  • Use proper thread
  • If you’re a beginner tier, use half of what you started with as far as the material – try to keep everything as thin as possible
  • Get some good photos of the actual bug that you’re trying to make a fly pattern of
  • Be as familiar as you possibly can be with what you’re trying to imitate

1:03:30 – For threads, Nick recommends Veevus 16/0

flies for trout

1:06:34 – Nick describes how he does his shanks


You can find Nick here on Instagram @magogsmelt

Website at

Nick’s Guiding Service Crew at

flies for trout


Nick’s Top 5 Dry Flies for Trout Patterns

  1. Peacock Emerger
  2. Parachute Spinner
  3. Sparkle Dun (Craig Matthews original)
  4. Yellow Bodied Stimulator
  5. Bill Spey


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

flies for trout

Dry Flies for Trout Conclusion with Nick Pionessa

Nick Pionessa, a professional fly tier from New York told us his story of how he became a full-time production fly tier, tying over 100 flies a day – how he got started fly tying and eventually made a living out of it. Nick mentioned some of the most effective and requested dry fly patterns.

We discovered Nick’s Top 5 Dry Fly Patterns! Now we feel so much more motivated to get on that vise.