In episode 013 of the Fly Fishing show I interviewed Kevin Feenstra, one of the first fly fisherman to start swinging flies for steelhead in the Michigan area and Great Lakes.

Kevin has a guide service with a focus on the Muskegon River and covers a bunch of great topics on how he catches fish on the swing.  We get into single handed spey lines, fishing in high water and a number of other big topics.


Click below to listen to my Interview with Kevin Feenstra:

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Show Notes with Kevin Feenstra

5:50 – Jeff Hubbard focuses on the Pere Marquette and is a good guide.

06:40 – Muskegon River – How to fish it with a boat and by foot

15:30 – Why Kevin uses a short spey tip when fishing in super cold weather – Hint:  It’s because the guides are freezing

18:20 – Pete Humphries fly fishing interview on Spey Casting

21:30 – Halloween Leech is one of Kevin’s goto patterns.

24:30 – Some of Kevin’s other fly patterns including the Aquatic nuissance and other sculpin patterns

25:20 – Rob Bryce interview on the Skeena River and tributaries

26:26 – Interview with Trey Combs on steelhead fishing and why you should know every pebble of one run

28:48 – Kevin Feenstra on Instagram – Check out the awesome photos here

38:20 – Scientific Angler has the Freight Liner Skagit line that works great for Great Lakes

38:50 – Jim Teeny was on the show in episode 005.  Check it out here

39:50 – Spey Pages is a good resource for all things spey


40:30 – Hawkins Guide Service

42:30 – The Pere Marquette is a famous Great Lakes steelhead river

46:35 – Jeff Lisky and Jerry Darkes are two great resources for the Midwest tribs.

50:50 – Spey Fest is one of the big spey claves for Kevin’s area


You can connect with Kevin Here:

If you’d like to get the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide which includes a pdf summary of all of the tips to date just click the link below or go to

kevin feenstra muskegon
Kevin took this photo on the day of my interview with him

“Foam is Home” was one of the great quotes that Kevin provided in the interview today.


I wanted to give a big thank you to Kevin for coming on the show today and taking the time to provide the tips on Muskegon River Fly Fishing and the Great Lakes in general.

I wasn’t able to list it all in the show notes so let me know what your favorite part of the show was.  You can leave a comment below and connect with me directly.

And if you’re interested in the right spey rod for steelhead, Click here to see the Spey Rod that has helped me drastically improve my spey cast and find more steelhead at a super reasonable cost (You also get a free spey line if you pickup the Spey Rod here).  By the way, the link above is an affiliate link, which means I earn a commission if you do end up purchasing through that link.  It’s at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to this product, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

Grab the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide Here

These are the Best Steelhead Tips from our Podcast Guests!

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