wooly bugger
Black Wooly Bugger

The wooly bugger is one of the easiest and most effective flies to tie for a vast number of fish species.  I demonstrate how to tie a wooly bugger and provide a few tips on general tying instruction.  Watch the video to see how the wooly bugger is tied.

Materials for the Black Wooly Bugger

  • Tail:  Black Marabou
  • Body:  Black Chenille
  • Body Hackle:  Black Saddle Hackle
  • Hook:  Mustad 36890 #1


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Grab the materials and get started.  This is a great first fly to learn and is one that will likely catch you a fish as well.  The Black Wooly bugger is one of the best all around flies and is worth learning.  Watch my video above to get a feel for how this one is tied.