Joseph Jackson, author of It’s Only Fishing book, is here to talk about Alaska fishing by car. We hear about some of the less-known places you can add to your itinerary if you’re heading into the 49th state. We break down the species list, what to bring, best times and places to hit while road-tripping Alaska highways.

We also talk about his passion for writing. We find out why he likes to focus on the whys and not the how-tos when he writes. He tells us his favorite John Gierach quote and that one question he wants to ask John.

Alaska by Road with Joseph Jackson [Hit play below!]

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alaska by road

Show Notes: Alaska by Road with Joseph Jackson

03:00 – We had the other Joe Jackson, aka Sgt. Bassfisher in episode 384 where we talked about tying poppers and cartoon flies.

11:00 – Alaska’s interior is a secluded small stream where you can catch world-class grayling. Anything North of the Alaska range is Alaska’s interior.

alaska by road

16:30 – Joe breaks down the places you can drive and the best time to target grayling, trout, and kings.

19:00 – Late August and early September is the perfect time to fish anywhere if you’re not focusing on any species and want to cast your rod on any water.

26:15 – Joe talks about the stuff you can do along Steese Highway. He talks about doing a little hunting too.

alaska by road

28:30 – July is the busiest fishing time of the year in Alaska.


32:30 – Joe noted Delta Junction as a beautiful place to be in. Also the Copper River Valley in Glennallen.

41:00 – Two important things to bring when road-tripping the Alaska highways: 2 extra tires and at least 20 gallons of gas.

44:20 – Joe’s first book, “It’s Only Fishing” was about being a road system angler.

alaska by road

53:10 – Joe noted one of John Gierach’s famous quotes, “You could say the same thing about fishing that they say about baseball… it takes an adult to play the game well but it takes a kid to think that it’s important”. JG was on the podcast in episode 407.

56:00 – Joe’s got a question for John Gierach… “What does he see as true success in writing?”

57:00 – We hear about what his next book will be about.

1:02:00 – Writing about Yakutat was one of the most challenging things for Joe and he tells us why.

1:10:20 – Joe noted TU and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

1:12:30 – Grab a copy of Gunner Peterson’s Highway Angler. It’s the bible for roadside fishing in Alaska.

alaska by road

You can find Joseph Jackson at

Check out his website at

alaska by road

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