I sat down with Enrico Puglisi who describes how he developed EP Fibers with a focus on saltwater flies with a focus on striped bass fishing out of New York.  We Find out how Enrico developed EP fibers and brushes.

Enrico has a unique story going back to Cicili and then moving out to New York after meeting his wife.  We find out how to catch striped bass and the best flies and resources to go deeper on saltwater fishing and fly tying.


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Show Notes:  Saltwater Flies with Enrico Puglisi

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15:48 – We put together a Lefty Kreh celebration episode for our 200th podcast here.

16:46 – The Peanut Butter Style flies via Friday Night Flies

20:00 – EP Fibers and brushes are one of Enrico’s big contributions.

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23:44 – Silky fibers and brushes:  A translucent, very fine diameter synthetic fiber for tying small flies.

29:50 – Get a stripping basket for your trip.  Here’s a video that shows you how to make a stripping basket for cheap.

34:10 – Jones beach and jones shore on Long Island Sound are good state parks for stripers 

saltwater flies


38:10The Gorge Fly Shop – I noted the Gorge as one of the local fly shops we support who supports this podcast.

40:50 – Enrico carried many of the same materials like Hareline Dubbing back in the day

45:42 – The Practical Fly Shop was Enrico’s shop back in the day

59:30 – Enrico’s Hupant cigars are his goto


You can find Enrico at Enrico at EPFlies.com

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Saltwater Flies Resources Noted in the Show

How to Use a Stripping Basket


Videos Noted in the Show

Videos from Enrico Puglisi

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The Best of Mozart


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Saltwater Flies Conclusion with Enrico Puglisi

Enrico Puglisi is here to break down saltwater flies with a focus on fishing for striped bass.  We also find out what happened to the fly shops in the Long Island area and why there aren’t any left.

Enrico shares some great resources focused on saltwater flies and EP Fibers and how Daniel, Enrico’s son is taking over EP Flies.  We find out a few good tips on tying and obtaining fly materials for your next pattern.