I show you how to tie a skunk, one of the most classic steehead flies that was created in the 1930’s.

There has since been many variations of the skunk including the Green-Butt Skunk tied by Callaghan of North Umpqua River fame.


Click here to watch the Skunk Video Tutorial:


The Skunk Material List

Thread:  8/0 Daiichi Black (click here to purchase)

Hook:  Daiichi #2441 size #6 (click here to purchase)

Tail: Red Hackle Fibers (click here to purchase) 

Body: Black Polar Dubbing (click here to purchase bulk)

Rib:  Medium Silver Oval Tinsel (click here to purchase)

Hackle:  Black Hackle (click here to purchase)

Underwing:  Purple Flashabou or similar substitue (click here to purchase)

Wing: White Calf-tail and orange calf tail (link to purchase above)

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Here is a link to a little history of the Skunk pattern.  From this article it appears that there is not a verified creator of the original skunk.  If you have knowledge please share in the comments below.

I used it recently after my interview with Frank Moore on the North Umpqua River.  Here’s a link to the podcast interview.


the skunk


Conclusion for the Skunk

I hope you enjoyed the story I shared about my experience catching a steelhead on the Skunk.  There is nothing better than using a classic fly in classic waters.  Leave a comment below of your most classic pattern!

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