Derek Bird, the founder of Fly Fusion Magazine, takes us all around BC today as we focus on the best places if you’re planning a trip out to British Columbia. We talk about what they have going in the magazine and their TV show. We also got some insight into his new book, what his inspiration was, and how it came to be. This is a good one! Check it out!

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fly fishing british columbia

Show Notes with Derek Bird

06:45 – Derek grew up in the Rocky Mountain Trench.

13:20 – Brian Chan was on the podcast in episode 243.

13:55 – Derek tells us how the magazine idea came about.

23:20 – Derek explains why the print magazine is still in demand today.

30:00 – We mentioned Jake Paul, who’s a YouTube sensation, and talk about why he’s successful in branding himself.

40:30 – We talk about their show, Fly Fusion TV.

45:00 – We did a trip to Canada at Skitchine Lodge earlier this year.

1:17:00 – Derek normally uses 8-wt rods.

1:34:30 – We talk about his new book called, Last Summer on the Sage.


last summer on the sage

You can find Fly Fusion on Instagram @flyfusionmag

Visit their website at

fly fishing british columbia

Videos Noted in the Show

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