I sat down with Art Lingren to discuss fly fishing British Columbia with a focus on the people that laid the path for many anglers afterward.  We talk about Art’s connection to Roderick Haig-Brown, Sid Glasso, Harry Lemire, and many others.

We also find out more about the over 20 books he’s published on fly tying and fishing including Famous British Columbia Fishing Waters.  Art has a passion for history and fly fishing so this one fits nicely with our podcast catalog.  Leave a comment below if you checked out this post.


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british columbia fly fishing


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Show Notes with Art Lingren

06:00 – Haig Brown wrote about the Poison Blue or the grayling.  

08:00 – The doc sprately was the fly that helped Art catch his first steelhead.

doc sprately
photo via: https://loonsflyfishingclub.ca/patterns/favourites/doc-spratley/


12:30 – We talked about the Western Angler by Haig Brown

14:33 – Fly Patterns of British Columbia and the 100th-anniversary edition with Haig Brown was published in 2008 by Frank Amato back when they were doing books.  The 2008 section has a Haig-Brown section.

15:50 – Famous British Columbia Fly Fishing Waters is another great resource to get the history on fly fishing BC and the patterns to use.


19:50 – Art’s book on Bob Clay out of the Kispiox and Steelhead Influences.  You can find Bob at River Watch Rods here. 

20:00 – Totem Fly Fishers of BC just celebrated their 50th anniversary.  

23:00 – Dave McNeese was on the podcast in episode 155 and talked about the Roderick Haig-Brown book he has been working on.  

steelhead flies
photo via: photo via: https://www.blueheronspey.com/mcneese_flies


27:15 – We talk about the Oral History of fly fishing program out of Western Washington:

31:10 – Frank Amato was on the podcast in episode 113 and covered some of the history of Amato Publications.  Amato published most of Art’s books over the years. 

32:30 – Bruce Kruk was on the podcast in episode 152.  Bruce is the person who reminded me to connect with Art recently.  

31:50The Thompson River Journal, The Dean River Journal

thompson river journal


40:55 – The General Practitioner – Art told the story about the black GP and how his friend was the person who introduced the pattern.

50:00 – John Gierach was on the podcast in episode 47 and shared some classic stories.

52:00 – I noted the John McMillan podcast with the Barbless crew.  John has since has stopped podcasting.


You can find Art on Facebook.

british columbia fly fishing


Art Lingren’s Top British Columbia Fly Fishing Books

  1. Irresistible Waters

2. Thompson River Journal

3.  West Coast Steelheader

4.  Famoous British Columbia Fly Fishing Waters

british columbia fly fishing waters

5.  Dean River Journal

6.  Fly  Patterns of British Columbia

british columbia fly fishing

6.  Kispiox River Journal


Resources Noted in the Show

Western Angler by Haig Brown



art lingren
photo via: https://loonsflyfishingclub.ca/art-lingren-fly-fishing-collection/

British Columbia Fly Fishing Conclusion with my Art Lingren

Art Lingren shares some of the history of BC fly fishing and tying.  We find out what is first steelhead felt like and what is still left on his bucket lists.  We hear about Haig Brown and General Mining.

BC fly fishing and the flies is highlighted and discussed throughout this podcast.  Art has a passion for history and fishing and shares a life and work laying the groundwork for the rest of us.