It sometimes sounds like a good idea to get out in your boat and cover as much water as possible.  But Trey Combs noted in a recent interview I did with him that one of his biggest tips is to get to know one steelhead run so well that you can identify each pebble.

So you can identify each boulder and seam.

So, that’s the Steelhead Tip today – Get to know one steelhead run so well that you know exactly where steelhead hold and where each of the little buckets are at all river levels.

This will decrease the wasted time and increase the amount of fish you hook into.


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trey combs
Steel Flash Flies by Trey Combs:


How have you been covering runs?  Do you tend to fish one run consistently that you know it so well you can identify each boulder?

Do you know when to fish the inside seam harder?

When to hit the tail-out hard?

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