Andy Mill, an athlete, broadcaster, angler, and author, shares his passion-filled stories of competing at the highest level in multiple sports. We talk about some of the remarkable guests they’ve had on the Mill House Podcast. We dig into his award-winning book, Passion for Tarpon – how it came to be and who mentored him to write it. And we find out what his yearly routine looks like, living the rest of his days to the fullest.

Andy also shares how he met Chris Evert, one of the greatest women tennis players of all time, their family set up then and now, and their visits to the white house, hanging out with ex-president George Bush. Lots of good stuff in this episode!


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Show Notes with Andy Mill and the Mill House Podcast

03:00 – Tom Evan is the greatest big-game saltwater fly guy of all time. He caught a 273-pound blue marlin on a 16-pound tippet, 194-pound tarpon on a 12-pound, and broke Billy Pate’s record of 188 pounds on a 16 – Tom caught a 191. Tom Evans, Dean Butler and Al Diporak were on the Mill House Podcast.

05:45 –  Ernest Schwiebert wrote the book Matching the Hatch. Ernest taught Andy how to fly cast.

07:00 – Andy talks about his skiing career in the 60s and 70s. He was in the Aspen Valley Ski Club and joined the ski Olympics.

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14:28 – “The difference between being good and great as a fisherman – good fisherman catch a lot of fish and big fish, a great fisherman can catch the fish that doesn’t want to be caught. The difference between a good and great guide is a good guide can find fish but a great guide can find a fish that doesn’t want to be found”

17:10 – Harry Spear became Andy’s mentor. Harry refined Andy to become a tournament angler. Seven years later, Andy started fishing tournaments.


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18:00 – Flip Pallot was on the podcast at WFS 070

18:45 – Andy wrote the book, Passion for Tarpon after winning some tournaments

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21:00 – Andy married Chris Evert, the number 1 tennis player in the 70s and one of the greatest of all time, and they’ve got 3 sons. Andy tells the story of how they met.

26:30 – We talk about what makes Aspen special

29:00 – Andy and Chris used to hang out with ex-president George Bush and some other famous folks

36:00 – Andy and his son Nicky founded the Mill House Podcast. We talk about some of the remarkable guests they’ve had on the show.

36:40 – They interviewed Billy Knowles a year ago. He passed away this year.

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37:55 – They had Neal Beidleman on the podcast. He was a guide on Mt. Everest in 1996 where 8 people died from a storm. Neal was credited a large role in assisting clients off the mountain to safety.

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39:00 – After he got injured, Andy started a show “Ski with Andy Mill”. He covered the 92 and 94 Olympics for CBS. He also worked as a broadcast for 20 years.

40:00 – After 20 years of broadcasting, he got offered to host a fishing show by the Outdoor Life Network

41:45 – Andy had a part-time gig with Good Morning America where he was a segment host. He also wrote for magazines like Tail Fly Fishing

42:45 – Jim Teeny was on the podcast at WFS 005

42:55 – Roland Martin was known for bass fishing but when Andy asked him, he said “tarpon on a fly” was his favorite

47:15 – Andy just had a shoulder operation which is already his 23rd operation

47:50 – In spring, Andy and his son tarpon fish for 6 weeks in the Keys. Then to Aspen, get in a high country for elk hunting. Then in Sept and early Oct, they hunt in Colorado and Montana for elk with bow and arrows. Then to Florida to play golf till February. Then back to the Keys.

51:27 – We talk about his son Nicky, how he’s chasing his own heart

55:10 – We talk about the TV show, Sportsman’s Journal with Andy Mill (1990s) – watch one of the episodes below

57:50 – Andy won more tarpon tournaments than anyone. There are only 3 guys that won a bonefish, tarpon, and permit tournament – Andy was the first one who did it.

58:50 – They had David Mangum on the podcast

mill house podcast

1:02:40 – The most downloaded episode of the Mill House Podcast is their episode with Flip Pallot with over 40k downloads

mill house podcast

1:05:10 – Joan Wulff was on the podcast at WFS 100

1:05:45 – Andy knew Lefty Kreh. Lefty mentored him in the book he wrote. They’re good friends.

1:22:00 – Andy played football in college and was a quarterback. He played baseball as a pitcher. He also raced road bikes.

1:22:50 – The most exciting thing he’s done today is big bull elking with bow and arrows

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1:24:15 – Andy demonstrates how to cow call an elk. Really cool!


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Conclusion with Andy Mill and the Mill House Podcast

So there you go. We heard a lot of cool stories today. Andy is an extraordinary guy, doing extraordinary things to everything he focuses on. I got to admit.. he’s my idol now. I feel extra inspired to get out there, do what I love to do, and give it my all.

Thank you, Andy for sharing these awesome stories. I hope you continue to live for as long as you like, doing great things for the industry we’re in.

For people out there who are struggling to focus on the thing you like to do, remember Andy – how he’s able to excel in different things. Hopefully his story inspires you that if someone can do it, you can too!

This is definitely my new favorite episode. Leave a comment or send me a DM on Instagram at @wetflyswing if you enjoyed this episode.