Today we're joined by Riley Laboe, Kye Petersen, and the legendary Feet Banks. These guys are all enthusiastic steelhead anglers with interesting stories to tell. Riley is a retired pro skier and talented filmmaker. Kye is one of the most influential free-skiers in the world. And Feet is a writer who also happens to be the Editor of Mountain Life Magazine. Stick around with us today as we explore the connection between life on the mountains and chasing fish in the valley. These guys have some great insight for anyone looking to fish for early-season winter steelhead. Alright, let's get going. It's time to get in the bucket.
three rivers lodge
Join us as we cast our lines into the remote and wild waters of Labrador, a treasure trove for fly fishing enthusiasts seeking the road less traveled. Our guest, Robin, takes us through the hidden allure of Labrador, contrasting it with the crowded streams of Canada and sharing the tale of how a Father's Day gift rekindled his passion for the sport, ultimately leading him to the Three Rivers Lodge. We discuss the journey from hobbyist to lodge owner and the intricate dance of business and conservation in such a pristine environment. With tales of the lodge's significance and the importance of maintaining its legacy, we get an insider's look at what it means to operate a haven for serious anglers.
wild game and fish
In this episode, learn about Hunting and Cooking Wild Game and Fish with John Schneider! Show Notes with John Schneider on Wild Game and Fish. Hit play below! 👇🏻 Find the show:  iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe via RSS (Read the Full Transcript at the bottom of this Blog Post)   Sponsors and Podcast Updates     Episode Chapters with John Schneider on Wild Game and Fish 2:50...
northern rockies adventures
Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we venture into the heart of the Canadian Rockies with Daniel and his father, Urs, owners of the Northern Rockies Adventures lodge. We're taking you through the untouched backcountry, accessible only by float planes, and unfolding the unique fishing secrets hidden within. The rocky terrains here are home to an array of fish species such as rainbow trout, walleye, and the rare Arctic grayling, offering an invaluable opportunity for any fishing enthusiast.
backcountry skinz
Get ready to embark on a fishing adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Western Canada. Join us in this episode as we welcome Kelly Reaume, one of the Founders of Backcountry Skinz. Brothers, Mike and Kelly are two Ontario natives with an unquenchable passion for fly fishing, who have embraced the alpine lakes and rivers of Calgary and BC as their playground. Together, we explore the joy of reeling in bull trout, the thrill of being the only ones on the river, and the almost mythical allure of untouched wilderness.
Heroes Mending on the Fly Canada
Growing up in a small town in Quebec, Gervais was introduced to the captivating sport of fly fishing by his father. The joy and serenity he found in the gentle art of angling led him to become deeply involved in the fly fishing community, even playing a key role in establishing Heroes Mending on the Fly in 2019. This episode takes you through his journey, from his first trout caught on a fly, to his work with Project Healing Waters Canada, and the formation of Heroes Mending on the Fly.
grand river fly fishing
If you've ever wondered what it takes to become an expert in fly fishing, you're in for a treat. Brace yourselves as we're joined by Tyler Dunsmore, a well-seasoned guide and casting instructor. Tyler has clocked in countless hours on the water, from guiding trips for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi River to exploring the interior of BC for trout and Atlantic salmon. His experiences, adventures, and triumphs in the industry are a testament to his love for the sport. Tyler also takes us back to the time he decided to put down roots by the Grand River with his wife and start a family.
bow river
In this episode, we'll hear the incredible stories and adventures of Barry, a seasoned guide on Bow River. From his unexpected start as a boat rower to becoming a guide in 1977, Barry's story is full of exciting twists. Get ready to be amazed as he tells us about his unforgettable moments with famous angler Lefty Kreh and the fascinating history and geology of the area.
Gord Pyzer, one of the most well-known researchers and fishermen for musky, is on the podcast today. He takes us into the Lake of the Woods and some of the great species that this place offers. We get into some big tips on chasing big predators. We get a little background on the seminar program that he does around the...
bull trout fly fishing
Skeed Borkowski is here today to take us into the Northern Lights Lodge and the wilderness of Northern British Columbia.
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