What happens when life throws you a curveball? Our guest today was a skateboarder living the dream. Then, BAM! A car accident forces him to ditch the board.

Fred Campbell is here to tell us how this plot twist turned Fred into an outdoor guru and the mastermind behind Hooké, one of Canada’s hottest outdoor brands.

Fred will give us a tour of Quebec’s premier fly fishing destinations! This massive province in Eastern Canada offers incredible opportunities to catch Atlantic salmon, brook trout, arctic char, and many other species.

Show Notes with Fred Campbell on Quebec’s Premier Fly Fishing Destinations. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Quebec's Premier Fly Fishing

Episode Chapters with Fred Campbell on Quebec’s Premier Fly Fishing Destinations

07:32 – Fred’s first fly fishing experiences were with his grandfather, who took him canoeing and fishing for trout in Quebec. He later got into Atlantic salmon and wanted to make it more accessible.

10:51 – Fred also shares the story behind Hooké. The idea started as a fun name for his skateboarding and snowboarding crew and evolved into a brand. The name’s unique accent makes it stand out and reflects his roots.

Quebec's Premier Fly Fishing

14:02 – Fred started in film production after a car accident ended his skateboarding career. He created Fokus Productions and eventually worked on big names like Red Bull.

After 12 years, he got tired of the hectic lifestyle and found his passion in fly fishing. He started filming his fishing trips, shared them online, and then built a clothing line around his brand. The Hooké grew rapidly and eventually had its own TV show.

21:35 – Fred talked about meeting Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia. We had Yvon on the podcast in Episode 536.

28:44—We chat about Fred’s approach to hunting and filmmaking. He doesn’t show animals suffering or dying because he believes it doesn’t add value. Instead, he focuses on the whole hunting experience.

Quebec's Premier Fly Fishing

25:19 – Fred talked about his clothing line and how he spends 100 days a year outdoors testing the gear. He loves seeing people wear his brand, especially in his home province of Quebec.

Fishing in Quebec

41:06 – Fred shares about the amazing fishing opportunities in Quebec. Here are the different species you can catch there:

  • Walleye and Lake Trout
  • Brook Trout
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Arctic Char
Quebec's Premier Fly Fishing

50:02 – Quebec has many managed fishing areas where you need permits, especially for Atlantic salmon.

DIY fishing is possible but requires preparation and understanding of local regulations. Here are some websites you can visit for more information:

Quebec's Premier Fly Fishing

You can find Fred on Instagram:


Visit their website: Hooké.ca


Quebec’s Premier Fly Fishing Destinations Resources Noted in the Show


M’S TECH FLEECE HOODIE —Photo via Hooke.ca

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Quebec's Premier Fly Fishing

Conclusion with Fred Campbell on Quebec’s Premier Fly Fishing Destinations

Man, that episode with Fred was epic! If you haven’t checked out Hooké, visit their website now. I gotta get that fleece!