Skeed Borkowski is here today to take us into the Northern Lights Lodge and the wilderness of Northern British Columbia.

We discover what it takes to catch bull trout on the fly. We talk about the relationship of these big rainbow trout to Skeena steelhead. We also talk about the Stillwater areas which we’ll be digging into more as we get going this year.  Skeed is one of the greatest names out there and he is the most interesting man in Northern Canada.​

Bull Trout Fly Fishing with Skeed Borkowski. Hit play below!

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bull trout fly fishing

Show Notes with Skeed Borkowsky

05:30 – Their lodge is situated in Quesnel Lake.

bull trout fly fishing

12:45 – Northern Lights Lodge was established in 1942.

25:45 – Their salmon runs come all the way from Vancouver to Fraser River to Quesnel River to Quesnel Lake.

29:25 – September to mid-October is the best time to target bull trout. The average you can catch is about 24 inches.

bull trout fly fishing

bull trout fly fishing

40:00 – They had a large sockeye run at about 800,000 that came into the system in different tributaries.


41:45 – We talk about the gear setup for bull trout.

bull trout fly fishing

45:00 – Skeed tells the story of when he had a heart attack.

54:45 – Skeed describes what the lodge looks like and how much its capacity is to accommodate.

bull trout fly fishing

1:11:50 – Skeed sent me a photo of Pat Dorsey.

bull trout fly fishing

You can find Northern Light Lodge on Instagram at @northernlightslodgebc

Check out their website at

bull trout fly fishing

bull trout fly fishing

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  1. Skeed and Sharon are the best. Everything about a trip to the Lodge is awesome. Really entertaining podcast. Hope the moose did okay.