I sat down with Greg Keenan, the host of the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast to hear how he is putting together the next big fly fishing podcast.  We hear about some of the great guests he’s had on the show and what you can expect in the coming years.


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Show Notes with Greg Keenan

02:20 – Phil Rowley was on the podcast in episode 34 and was one of Greg’s influencers for stillwater.  Greg lives about an hour south of Kamloops.

04:20 – The Brian Niska episode and the Rent this Rod episode on the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast both had great stories about starting from nothing.

09:30 – Here are the links to the 3 part series for Scientific Anglers.  Josh Jenkins, Brad Befus, and Landon Mayer.

10:40 – Landon Mayer was on the podcast back in episode 48 of the Wet Fly Swing.

12:15 – Gink and Gasoline was the most listened to episode for Greg.  Greg talks about the story and how they haven’t missed a day for 10 years.

17:30 – Greg notes Zencastr as his main tool for recording the podcasts.

17:48 – Greg interviewed Loon and noted it as a great episode.

19:20 – I noted the Mark Maron Podcast and the importance of asking good questions and digging it out.

28:54 – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band is one Greg loves.

29:30 – The ATR mic and Zencastr is Greg’s work flow.


30:00 – The fly Fishing insider podcast youtube channel and the Weekly Newsletter.


You can find Greg Keenan at the Fly-FishingInsiderPodcast.com


Videos Noted in the Show

Bob Seger and the Top 10



Conclusion with Greg Keenan

Greg Keenan tells us how he launched one of the new and great fly fishing podcasts with a focus on the fly fishing industry and companies.