We’re thrilled to introduce Josh Schwartz, a culinary wizard and fly-fishing enthusiast whose fascinating journey has led him to merge his passions into an incredible career. With the lure of a fishing rod in one hand and a chef’s knife in the other, Josh has crafted a unique lifestyle that brims with adventure, challenges, and mouthwatering meals by the river. Listen closely as he narrates his story of turning a childhood hobby of fishing into a life-altering profession, highlighting his exceptional company, Travel Creel, which weaves together his love for fishing, cooking, and exploring the world.

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Join us and be transported to remote locations where Josh, all equipped with his fishing gear and cooking utensils, prepares delectable meals while pursuing his love for fly fishing. He beautifully balances the roles of a seasoned chef and an experienced fishing guide, serving up warming grilled cheese sandwiches by the river and sharing tales of his upcoming culinary adventure in Baja, Mexico. While he’s not cooking up a storm or helping his clients hook a catch, Josh navigates the challenges of sourcing fresh ingredients in foreign lands, bringing an extra dash of authenticity to his curated meals.

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On this journey, we also get a sneak peek into Josh’s life beyond the kitchen and the river. Owning a lodge in Mexico, he shares with us how he manages to juggle the spheres of business and pleasure, the highs and lows of the job, and its impact on his personal life. As he prepares to take his love for fishing to the shores of San Carlos and his culinary skills to Belize and the Bahamas, Josh reveals his vision for the future of Travel Creel. So, gear up to be a part of a conversation that will inspire you with its blend of fishing, travel, cooking, and the art of guiding. Get ready to bait your hook, chop your ingredients, and dive into an epicurean adventure like never before.

Episode Chapters – Travel Creel

(0:00:05) – Travel Career and Fishing Adventures
Josh shares his journey from fishing to becoming a chef and creating Travel Creel, combining fishing, cooking, and travel.

travel creel

(0:10:51) – Culinary Adventures and Fishing Trips
Nature’s cooking and guiding in fly fishing, including challenges, satisfaction, and sourcing ingredients in foreign countries.

(0:22:38) – Chef’s Travel Food Program
A chef travels to source ingredients, builds relationships with local producers, and plans to train others to create a fun and memorable experience for clients.

travel creel

(0:26:01) – Balancing Fun and Business in Fishing
Nature’s balance, affordability, and family impact in fly fishing discussed with a private chef and lodge owner.

(0:38:04) – Building a Hospitality-Based Travel Program
Nature’s local food and connections in Baja, Belize, and Bahamas, and the future of Travel Creel’s culinary and fishing experiences.

(0:48:26) – Fishing Trips and Future Plans
The host shares their upcoming fishing trips, including a new private trout lake and hiring local guides for roosterfish in Baja. They also express their love for saltwater fishing and expanding their clientele.


travel creel

(0:59:47) – Travel Options and Opportunities
Nature’s destinations and unique experiences were discussed with Josh from travelcreel.com, including potential collaboration and exploring Salt as a destination.

travel creel

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Conclusion with Joshua Schwartz – Travel Creel

In conclusion, Josh Schwartz’s journey from a childhood fishing passion to the creation of Travel Creel, where he seamlessly merges his culinary skills with fly fishing, is a captivating narrative. The chapters unfold in remote locales, showcasing the harmonious balance of chef finesse and fishing expertise. Managing a lodge in Mexico, Josh navigates the complexities of blending business with pleasure.

As Travel Creel ventures into Baja, Belize, and the Bahamas, Josh’s commitment to authenticity in global ingredient sourcing sets it apart. The future holds exciting expansions and collaborations, solidifying Travel Creel as a symbol of culinary and fishing excellence. Join us in being inspired by this unique blend of fishing, travel, and cooking—an adventure shaped by Josh Schwartz’s passion and expertise.