As I continue to build up towards the March 15 launch of the new steelhead fly tying course I wanted to to post here so this new project is open to the public.

Click here to see the introductory post in this series.

I would love to get your support for this project.

Click the link below if you would pay for a steelhead fly tying course and materials delivered to your doorstep.


This helps me validate this project before I get all the way into it.

Before I spend a bunch of time on something that nobody wants.

Can you help?

There will be 8 sections within this course that cover everything from traditional wet flies to special egg patterns.  Intruders over to buggy nymph patterns.

West and East, North and South.  This course will cover it all for fly tying.  Each section will be a new series of patterns and will include step x step instruction and the materials to tie them delivered to your doorstep.


Session 1:  History of steelhead Flies, Tools and the classic Wet Flies

  • Background on steelhead flies and their history
  • wet fly hooks
  • typical fly tying materials overview
  • fly tying techniques
  • Top 20 wet flies for steelhead
  • Step x Step fly tying instruction for 3 of the best patterns

(Fly tying materials to tie each of the patterns will be delivered to your doorstep via the Fly Tying Mentor)


In the first chapter I’ll cover the history of steelhead flies so you have a better connection of where they are coming from.  This will help you understand the foundation for what you will be tying.

I’ll also get into the tools and some general questions and answers that come up commonly and will answer any questions you have real time.

We will then go into some of the classic wet flies that have been used for many years for summer and winter steelhead.

If you want to support the project by virtually raising your hand, click on the button below:


Thanks for your support.  If I get 20 people that sign up and show support by clicking the button above I’ll build the course.