Pete McBride, one of the great outdoor film makers for National Geographic, is here to tell the story of the Grand Canyon through the documentary Martin’s Boat and the 750 mile long hike through the canyon.

Pete has produced a number of great films and we dig into some of this history and his experience writing and producing films in the outdoor niche.


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pete mcbride
Kanab Point – Grand Canyon overlook Monsoon storm.

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Show Notes with Pete McBride

02:50 – Marty Sheppard was on the podcast in episode 76 and was the person who introduced me to Martin’s Boat.

04:15 – Chasing Water was a great movie that was released in 2011 and covered the history of the Colorado River. 

05:00 – We talk about Martin Litton and the impact on protecting the Grand Canyon.   Here’s an interview with Martin.

07:30 – OARS created the Marbled Canyon boat

10:15 – Kevin Fedarko was in the front of the boat with Martin in Lava.  Kevin wrote the Emerald Mile.

24:45 – Into the Canyon, the movie on hiking 750 miles of the Grand Canyon

32:20 – A pic of the Little Colorado confluence with the Colorado

little colorado river
photo via:

33:00 – The Grand Canyon Trust is a group that is helping to protect the National Park. 

35:00 – Pete compares Kevin Fedarko to Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.


50:10 – John Gierach was on the podcast here and talked about the almost crash.


You can find Pete at

pete mcbride
Grand Canyon. Raft and rubber kayak trip. 2020, fall.

Pete McBride Movies:

2019 – Into the Canyon

into the canyon

2016 – Holy (un)holy river

2016 – Martins Boat

2014 – Delta Dawn

2014 – River of Eden

2013 – I am Red

2013 – The Water Tower

2011 – Chasing Water


Resources Noted in the Show

The Emerald Mile Book by Kevin Fedarko

emerald mile


Grand Canyon Between River and Rim

Between river and rim


Videos Noted in the Show

Martin’s Boat


Martin Litton in 1994


Martin Litton Interview


pete mcbride
Photo via:

Conclusion with Pete McBride

Pete McBride, film producer and writer for National Geographic is here to share some great stories on the Grand Canyon and other travels around the world.

We explore the documentary Martin’s Boat, which sheds light on drift boats (dories) in the Grand Canyon and some conservation issues that Pete is raising awareness for.  If you haven’t watched Martin’s boat, press pause and click the video link above to be blow away!



  1. Great interview thank you. For more on the Grand Canyon and the dams check out John McPhee’s book “encounter with the arc Druid“ if you don’t know John he’s one of the best writers of our time! He float the river with the head of the sierra club and Army Corps of Engineers opposite perspectives

    • Thanks for the great tip on the McPhee book. I’ll check it out and see if I can get John on the podcast. Do you go by Bill or William?