In episode 012 of the Fly Fishing podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Snowhite from the Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast.

Rob covers fly fishing the Salmon River (New York), talks about being one of the only guides in DC, his interview with Hank Patterson and how to avoid the crowds, and combat fishing on one of the great steelhead rivers in the Great Lakes system.


Click below to listen to this Salmon River Fishing episode with Rob Snowhite:

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 Salmon River Fishing Show Notes

5:40 – Orvis at Tyson’s Corner was Rob’s first job in the fly fishing industry

7:30 – How Rob fishes the Salmon River in New York for steelhead and salmon

7:50 – Chad Chorney Photography who provided some of Rob’s first flies

15:30 – Berkely Vanish leader and sizes are covered here

26:00  – The story of clipping the dude in the middle of the river with the drift boat

29:50 – used to be a good forum online

32:50 – Bill Skilton was a big fly tying influence for Rob.  Watch Bill tie a hellgrammite here

34:50 – The Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders is the local forum noted in this episode

35:20 – Zach Mathews podcast and the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

On our podcast, we had another Great Lakes expert, Jerry Darkes who was a big reason why many first learned about fly fishing for steelhead in the Great Lakes.

35:44 – Fly Fishing Inland Oceans is a good guide for fishing the Great Lakes


36:47 – A short video showing a typical section of the river with people snagging fish

42:45 – Jim Teeny interview

54:20 – Costa 580 polarized sunglasses are a key to safety on the river

57:30 – Hank Patterson is the greatest fly fisherman in the world and Rob interviews Hank here

1:01:10 – Rob’s youtube channel where he covers fly tying, snagging, fly fishing shows and other good stuff


You can reach Rob at if you have any questions or want to say hi.

If you are interested in getting more tips like these from my guests you can get the Steelhead Fly Fishing Tips PDF Quick Guide by clicking here:

rob snowhite

rob snowhite

Salmon River Fishing Conclusion

Other topics covered in this interview include Sex, Death and Fly Fishing, the clouser minnow, the flashback pheasant tail and other key fly patterns that Rob uses for steelhead.

Rob talks about the right angle leader setup for nymphing and his experience interviewing Hank Patterson as well as Icast and how people strangely get prepared for interviews.

I wanted to thank Rob for coming onto the show and sharing all of the great tips on Great Lakes steelhead fishing.  Take a second if you have one and head over to Rob’s podcast to see what show he has ready to go this week.

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