I am happy to share a guest fly tying video from Darren at Piscator Flies.    Darren shows us how to tie the Chaddock which was a pattern created by Karl M. Haufler.  A great pattern to imitate leeches and is great for lakes and ponds.

Click Here to check out this guest video on the Chaddock:


Fly Materials for the Chaddock (variation)

Hook: Mustad 38941 #4-8 or 4-6xl hook
Thread: Black 6/0 140d
Butt: Red wool or chenille
Rear Collar: Peacock black schlappen
Ribbing: Medium silver oval tinsel
Body: 4-6 peacock herls
Collar: Peacock black schlappen

Chaddock Summary

The pattern was created by Karl M. Haufler of Edmonds, WA. The fly was designed to mimic a leech and is quite effective in lakes and ponds whether leeches are present or not. It is said to be especially effective with brook trout and the Lahontan cutthroat subspecies.
The original pattern uses a dark green phase peacock breast for the collars, but I’ve replaced this with natural black schlappen which is easier to obtain. Black hen hackle (whiting American) may also work for this purpose.
I wanted to give a big thanks to Darren for taking the time to post this great video.  Please click here and thank Darren if you get a chance.
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