I sat down with Chad Alderson and Nick Hanna from the Barbless Podcast.  Barbless is one of the big podcasts in fly fishing space out of Chico California.  We talk about some of their new fishing apps getting closer to launch, some of the big guests they’ve had on the shows and what’s to come this year.

We also hear about a new podcast network they are setting up which is going to provide a bunch of new content in the new year.  Another easy flow and great chat with the Barbless crew!


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Show Notes with the Barbless Podcast

02:45 – Here is the link to the Barbless episode with Greg Keenan from Fly Fishing Insider.

07:20 – Chad talks about the overland episode and what their show is all about.

08:00 – Chad tells us about their Full Body Fish replica guest they had on the show.

11:00 – One of their products includes a leader formula app that will make things easier for a beginner.  It’s at Rigs.barbless.co.

15:00 – My flows is a second app they have coming which will help with the levels in your area.

16:20 – Amp’d Up Build is Chad’s software company that is building the apps for their stuff.

21:40 – The Drake article where we talked about the low numbers of steelhead this year.  I couldn’t find the article but that link does get you to the Drake where you can subscribe.

31:00 – One of the new podcast shows that the Barbless brand is putting together includes John McMillans show at Rainforest_steel on Instagram (Barbless OP).

46:30 – I noted the hosted trip with Swing the Fly this summer.  You can get more information on that trip here.

47:40 – The 100th episode is noted here and was a landmark episode with AquaMan.

51:40 – Here’s the Barbless episode where they covered a buyers guide to boats.


53:15 – The Devin Olsen episode on the Barbless is their most popular episode so far.  We also had one of our biggest episodes with Devin in #43.

55:26 – Flip Pallot talks about how the hurricane blew away his house while he was inside it on episode 70.

55:15 – Here’s the the Tom Larimer interview where he broke down catching summer steelhead during the day time.


You can find Nick and Chad at Barbless.co.


Resources Noted in the Show

The Leader Formula App



Videos Noted in the Show

How to setup a nymphing rig


barbless podcast

Conclusion with Barbless Podcast

I had a fun chat with two of my contemporaries, Nick Hanna and Chad Alderson from the Barbless Podcast.  We are doing the same thing in a different way so it was fun to hear the background of how it came to be and where they are going next.  They describe some of the big things they have coming including a new podcast network and a few fishing Apps that should help you have a better experience on the water.

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