Updated post:  I posted this first in Jan of 2018 and now we are moving into 2020.  I want to leave this post live so you appreciate with me what we have created now that we are over 100 episodes!

Thank you for your support!


Original Jan 2018 Post:

I just couldn’t wait!

In the process of getting the show ready to go this week, I ended up publishing a few episodes on itunes ahead of time.


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We will still have the big launch for everyone on Jan 15th, but the show is live now.

The first few episodes I published were already on youtube already, but come Jan 23rd they will all be brand new – starting with Trey Combs.


I just recently interviewed Trey Combs who shared a ton of information on what he’s been up to lately and also his history and contribution to steelhead fly fishing.


Here’s a short taste of the show notes from the interview I just completed with Trey Combs.  These are a few of the highlights and points Trey covers but can’t take the place of listening to Trey directly.

Highlights from episode 006 with Trey:



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