In episode 011 of the Fly Fishing show I sat down with Tom Larimer to talk about his career in fly fishing, summer steelhead tips, spey lines and casting and a bunch of other tips that you’ll love.

Tom goes deep into how he catches summer steelhead during the daytime, something that many thought unlikely in the past.  Tom also gets into his Great Lakes background as well as a number of his mentors since he got started.


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Show Notes with Tom Larimer

08:47 – Tom worked for Al Bagly early on in his guiding career

12:00 – The need to think about sun angles in relations to steelhead

14:30 – Tom uses lots of flash in his day time patterns (Grape Flash)

17:45 – The orientation of the fly is an important part of the equation

22:50 – Trees on the bank is the final piece to the puzzle

30:50 – The new 11′ 11″ two handed rod (not a switch)

35:20 – Todd Harris Guide Service

35:50 – Ray Schmidt and other mentors in the Great Lakes area

37:40 –

44:40 – Local fly shops for the Deschutes River – The Gorge Fly Shop, Deschutes River Anglers, Fin and Fire, NW Fly Fishing Outfitters, Royal Treatment

45:15 – Larimer Outfitters is a good resource

47:10 – Lupe leach and Scott Howell’s intruder plus Aqua flies

55:50 – The Rage spey line for the wind


You can reach out to Todd Harris, Tom’s partner and guide if you have questions or would like to head out on a trip.


tom larimer


“Respect the history, respect the nostalgia of our sport, and its great stuff.  But, don’t be afraid to try different things and don’t be afraid to fail.”

-Tom Larimer


I wanted to give a big thanks to Tom for coming on the show and clarifying how they catch steelhead on the Deschutes as well as all of the other great tips.  The biggest take home message from the show might be to experiment and try new things.

Here’s to not getting stuck in your old way of doing things.  Slow it down, speed it up, add some flash and just be different.

If you loved the tips Tom shared here and wanted to get a summary of all past highlighted tips from my guests check out the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide below:

Grab the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide Here

These are the Best Steelhead Tips from our Podcast Guests!

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