Andrew Todd, founder of Running River’s Flyathlon, tells us how they combined trail running, fly fishing, and beer into one big outdoor party.

Andrew breaks down the mechanics of the game including how, where, and who can participate. Find out how they raised almost $500,000 for conservation projects through the event and how they built an awesome community in the flyathlon space.

We also hear about some of the challenges they deal with over the years in preparing these events and where they’re headed with that vision.


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Flyathlon Show Notes with Andrew Todd

08:30 – They created the motto, “run, fish, beer” that was derived from the traditional triathlon and named the game, Flyathlon. Andrew breaks down the game mechanics.


12:01 – They held afterparties in remote places in Colorado


15:50 – They have an event on July 22nd-24th which is their 8th Annual Middle Creek Flyathlon. The event is sold out but you can still join the party. Click here to see their list of events. 

18:10 – Andrew explains the pitfalls they’ve encountered in their previous events


21:28 – Through the event, they raise money for native trout restoration projects like Trout Unlimited. They also incentivize the top fund raisers with products donated by sponsors like Yeti and Patagonia

24:55 – Over the course of 8 years, they have raised close to $500,000

27:15 – They’ve got something they call, “Fastest Known Fish” which is where a player goes out, runs to the lake, catches fish, and runs back – the player who has the fastest time doing that wins


28:28 – Derek Roedel is sponsoring their events this year. We talk about how the Reyr Gear telescoping fly rod is an ideal rod for these events because of its quick setup feature and mobility.


33:20 – The Western Native Trout Initiative is a great resource for learning more about trout conservation

34:10 – Andrew tells us about the Troutman marathon – read more about it here

35:00 – Bryon Powell, one of their board members, completed the Troutman 6 times. They created Ultrout which is more difficult than Troutman because Troutman is too basic for guys like Bryon


38:45 – Andrew loves barrel-aged imperial stout beers

39:40 – Founders, out of Michigan, makes a beer called Backwoods Bastard – this is one of Andrew’s favorites

39:55 – We’ve had one interview with the founder of Fort George Brewery, Chris Nemlowill at WFS 205

45:30 – An orange size 18 perdigon is Andrew’s go-to fly

47:15 – They have a limit of 65 participants per event to avoid putting too much pressure on the creeks and fish



You can Flyathlon on Instagram at @flyathlon



Resources Noted in the Show

The Western Native Trout Initiative


Videos Noted in the Show


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Flyathlon Conclusion with Andrew Todd

So there you go..

If you are into running, fly fishing, and you love beer, this might be the perfect race for you. I’m not much into running but since I love fly fishing and beer, I might try it if I get a chance. Should be fun.

I think Reyr Gear’s telescoping fly rod is great for events like this. I’m glad they found each other and are now working together.

Check out their website to find out how you can reserve a slot or volunteer for their cause.